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DeletedMar 19, 2018
Hello, It is required to write the server part emulator for the MMORPG game.
I studied the structure of the client part and how it is arranged well-known.
It is required, actually, to write the server part emulator using my network library.
There is a protocol (network) of this game with which it is not difficult for a knowledgeable person to write an emulator if there is a ready-made toolkit in the form of a library.
When creating the emulator, you should use the optimized version of the protocol 1: N connections (the toolkit that I will provide has support for both N: N connections and 1: N)

What needs to be done?
1) Unpack game resources (you need the knowledge of assembler and the ability to find the algorithm for creating a decryption key for files) (how the files are encrypted it is known what protection in the client from the changes is also known)
2) Create an emulator based on the finished toolkit

The budget will be discussed after the person gets acquainted with the client of the game and will present the picture as a whole.
Also, cooperation is considered in the future
The availability of your portfolio is welcome.

The general information: the skilled person with knowledge C++ is required
A lot of things about encryption of TCP packets and methods of encryption of game resources are known.
I think the most difficult for experienced programmers is behind, because the search work has already been done by me
P.S. Also, there is ready code for parsing packages, but it's written in C and made for another game, but I compared them, they both used the same network protocol and even the key they have is the same as the public key.

(Sorry, English is bad)

Skills & Expertise Required

software development Website Development 

Project closed for bidding!

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