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OpenJul 29, 2019
scaleMatters is looking for data architecture consulting support to collaborate alongside our tech team as we design and build out a data warehouse of sales and marketing operational data which will be consumed by web-accessible data analysis and visualization tools.

About scaleMatters
scaleMatters is building a data driven sales and marketing ecosystem which companies will adopt in order to help them make well informed decisions that accelerate revenue growth. The ecosystem consists of: 1) an off-the-shelf collection of sales and marketing tools (e.g. Salesforce, HubSpot, Gong, SalesLoft, Google Analytics, etc), 2) a proprietary data layer that maps a multitude of tenants and data sources to a normalized data warehouse, 3) a web-based data visualization/dashboard app, and 4) an api to programmatically access data in the warehouse.

We are implementing a proprietary data model to collect exactly the right data from all corners of the sales/marketing telemetry landscape (i.e. CRM data, marketing automation data, sales interaction data, SEO data, inbound/outbound metrics, sales call data, sales training data, sales rep performance data, etc.) and using it to perform data analysis and render data visualizations that influence CXO level decision making.

scaleMatters just received its initial financing round in April from institutional investors.

The consultant must have depth of knowledge and experience in architecting applications and integrations that leverage contemporary approaches and tooling related to data warehousing, data normalization, ETL, api development, and data visualization (e.g. S3, EMR, DataBricks, Kinesis, Hadoop, Cassandra, Redshift/SnowFlake, AWS services, RDS, etc.).

Since Salesforce is a cornerstone of our operational tech stack as well as a major data source, an understanding of the Salesforce ecosystem is important but not required. Other important but not necessarily required expertise in SSO and DevOps would be useful.

Shape of the consulting engagement
We imagine 3 phases to this consulting engagement.

Phase I consists of several collaborative brainstorming sessions, research, and thinking. The final product is a target architecture and a sufficiently detailed work breakdown structure that scopes the tasks needed to source and implement the target architecture. Deliverables include 1) attendance at 2 - 4 conference calls, 2) a concise document describing data architecture recommendations and rationale, and 3) a work breakdown structure that includes estimated cost and/or level of effort needed to implement the target architecture.

Phase II would involve executing on the tasks from Phase I that are assigned to the consultant in support of sourcing and building out the target architecture. scaleMatters assumes that it will have a full-time Data Engineer on board during Phase II.

Phase III would include ongoing architecture collaboration and monitoring/maintenance activities as the system evolves.

Skills & Expertise Required

Data Science & Analytics Data Mining & Management 

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