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Lee Raymond Japan


OpenMay 10, 2019
We are looking to develop a custom mobile application to support a luxury travel agency by allowing clients to download and login to a proprietary mobile app that will house their Itinerary and other key information in a constantly updated format with offline functionality. Built for all platforms, with continuous support and ability to update and pivot as the company expands.

Please review the below business requirements/features for the application, and submit a proposal including answers to all questions. (Ignore the budget number). Any contact or solicitation outside of Toogit is not acceptable and will be ignored and rejected for consideration.

1. Use our own Logos, Brand Fonts, and Colors
2. Look and feel should be of the highest standard, in line with the feel of our website and media kits.
3. Ability to use our own designer's layout/look.

User Experience:
1. Intuitive navigation and menus
2. Ability for clients to have multiple trips loaded and navigate between.
3. Onboarding - easy for clients to sign in and get started

Communication Requirements from in-app:
1. Email
2. Instant Messaging (including group ability)
3. Text messaging
4. Push Notifications - Instant, Scheduled, and Location triggered
5. Contact Storage/Direct Contact Links
1. I.e. ability to build out a contact list for a trip with hotel number, driver number, etc.
2. Categorized by type of contact (i.e. guides, hotels, drivers)

Live Itinerary Details:
1. Easy to navigate itinerary with links to expandable information
2. PDF export Itinerary
3. Live calendar linked to itinerary
4. Detailed maps for each place with points of interest and locations from Itinerary, along with walking directions as applicable to start when clicked from itinerary destination.
5. Restaurants for each place with ability to book
6. Local Event feed (art shows, festivals, etc)
7. City Guides - Things to do and see by location
1. i.e. Spas, Shopping etc.

App Additional Requirements:
1. Full offline usability - Syncs constantly and once offline ability to use all information from last sync, and then syncs again once reconnected.
2. Document Storage - Passports, tickets, visa's, etc.
3. Create Checklists
1. I.e Packing lists for each place
4. Electronic signatures for docs (DocuSign)
5. Flights Information Hub - be able to load in client flight numbers and track information/gates/timing with updates and notifications.
6. Weather Hub - Tied to location on the Itinerary
7. Rates from hotels in realtime
8. Social share buttons/links to key information/locations
9. Currency Converter

1. Credit card fee
2. Preferences forms
3. Terms & conditions
4. CRM / Hubspot Integration

Backend/Dashboard Requirements:
1. All Client Trips view with status/items pending to complete
2. Ability to easily build and manage trips
3. Dashboard for pushing/managing notifications
4. Ability to create internal checklists of steps to complete to build trip
5. Reporting + data exports

Skills & Expertise Required

software development Website Development 

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