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OpenMar 18, 2019
quot;1. You will solve the problem detailed below by creating a flowchart with a corresponding pseudocode.
2. The flowchart should be created using - or similar tool such as Flowgorithm - and then exported into an image file.
3. The pseudocode should be typed on a text file using a simple text editor like Notepad.
4. Hand drawings or pictures of hand drawings cannot be used as part of the submission.
5. Use the Browse button to attach the chart file and the file with the pseudocode (you will use the Browse button two times to attach the files one by one).
6. Finally, Submit the two attached files.
Learning Objectives:
This assignment is designed to gain proficiency in the creation of flowcharts and pseudocode that may be used to create computer algorithms later on.

Banking Transactions
Create a flowchart and pseudocode for a program that will calculate the final balance of a bank account after a transaction has occurred. The possible transactions are:
\uf0b7 Deposit: all deposits up to $3,000 dollars will be credited immediately. Deposits greater than $3,000 will receive a bonus of 5% of the portion of the deposit above $3,000. This amount and the bonus will be marked as "Pending".
\uf0b7 Withdrawal: all withdrawal amounts that exceed the current balance will be rejected. In addition, any withdrawal that would result in a balance of $300 or less will be marked as "Warning: Low balance".
\uf0b7 Balance: This transaction will simply display the current balance in the client's account.
The input for any transaction will be the initial balance, a letter code (D, W or B) and the amount (for codes D and W). The output will be the current balance plus any special message or warning - if any - for codes D and W.

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