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Required Web Research freelancer for Discover a lot of new technologies with this HTML, JS, CSS data entry job job

Posted at - Jun 15, 2019

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Are you interested in making bucks while learning new technologies :)?

If you can recognize HTML, CSS and Javascript, it's better! No coding needed here.
It's just Web search and copy&paste.
Here is the job description (it is NOT a coding job)

STEP 1 / 2:
For each of the following technologies / tools, find the maximum number of front end codes on the Web.

What do I mean by that? The codes one uses to use / embed / insert / set up / configure the technology on a website or webpage.

It can be HTML, CSS, Javascript, URLS, any other code... Really any website code specific to the tech/tool! But not server code or code we can't see on the webpage.

I give you a list of technologies / tools names.

Given a tech, just type the following in google to find the codes:
'tech name' HTML
'tech name' javascript
'tech name' API
'tech name' API link
'tech name' webhook
'tech name' pixel
'tech name' integration
'tech name' integration code
'tech name' snippet
'tech name' embed code
'tech name' form
how to use 'tech name' on website
how to embed 'tech name' on website

Don't mind if you don't find anything relevant code given one of the search queries I give you here.
Some queries may not return RELEVANT results. Even some may not return result at all.
Other would! So please try every one of them looking at the first Google results.

NOTE1: please don't be exhaustive, aim to get fast, various and specific results.

NOTE2: If the technology name is kind of a generic word, like 'Envoy' for example, please search 'Envoy' + 'product category' first, and if you find the corresponding Web technology, please take note of their URL or the name they use in your next search queries.

NOTE3: If you find better queries than the ones above, that yield codes more often, please add them!

Just copy&paste the code you find in these webpages (not the source code of the page! But the code these pages talk about).
It must be code that is used on a webpage to use / embed / insert / set up / configure the technology. Not irrelevant code please. Ask me if you have a doubt.

To enrich your findings with other codes, also type:
'tech name' demo
'tech name' example
'tech name' website examples
Open the demo page or the examples websites.
Then look at the source code of these pages (Ctrl+U on Chrome and other browsers) and find the code relevant to the technology. Again the code that is used to use / embed / insert / set up / configure the technology.

STEP 2 / 2:
For each technology, find their price.

Type in google:
'tech name' pricing
'tech name' cost
'tech name' how much
'tech name' plans

Just copy the pricing page url if you find it.
Please also compute a rough price point using this formula:

All prices must be converted in USD.
If cost is one shot or per year, please divide it by 12 to get a monthly cost.
Don't mind with cents.
If cost is multiple monthly plans, please sum them all and divide by number of plans to get an average price.

The idea is to get a rough montly average cost, ok?
If you don't find any pricing / cost, it's ok.

Thanks a lot.

Only one file to complete!
There's 1665 technologies to complete
Could you try to complete the file Line 8316 for Lotame Crowd Control?

About the recuiterMember since Aug 30, 2017 Alpha M.
from Maharashtra, India

Skills & Expertise Required

Web Research 

Candidate shortlisted and hiredHiring open till - Apr 10, 2020

Work from Anywhere
40 hrs / week
Fixed Type
Remote Job

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