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Ferman Haddad Lebanon


OpenApr 15, 2019
We are looking for subject matter experts to review our Sharepoint developer interview screen tests: These questions will be used as interview questions in a hiring process and we need to be sure that the problem statements, codes, options and the answer are all valid and correct.

We have set of 25 questions each and we pay $25 for each assessment.

The payment is as follows:
If you score 90% or higher on the assignment then $23.
Else if you get 80% or higher, then $21
Otherwise $0.

Plus we will give you a bonus for each error that you find in the question. (up to a maximum of $2 per issue, It will be up to our final judgment if your error is valid as it will not be debatable).

You must submit all your answers at the end of the assessment and send us a report of any errors that you find.

Please rate the following Questions' difficulty level on a scale of 1 to 5:
5 being 'Expert',
4 being 'Advanced',
3 being 'Intermediate',
2 being 'Novice',
1 being 'Basic'.

Skills & Expertise Required


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