I need 3d printed miniatures designed and printed (prototypes only right now) for Board Game




Johan Gunardi India


OpenDec 7, 2018
I'm in the process of designing a board game and am looking for miniatures created on a 3d printer. I will eventually want the files so that I could print them myself in the future. This would only be for the prototype games and i would later be looking for a larger producer to print them. But for right now I'm looking for about 6 different mini's. It would be 4 astronauts, 4 cosmonauts, 4 taikonauts, 4 flight pilots from China, Russia and U.S.

It would be nice if each set of four had each figurine maybe doing something different. But for cost sake i'd like to start with just six different models if the cost is significantly different. I very much enjoy the tin models found on amazon by ronin miniatures of Neil Armstrong, Yuri Gagarin, and Alexey Leonov. I am however looking for more generic space figurines that have enough detail to be able to differentiate between the countries. For pilots I'd like to be able to differentiate the same. If the astronauts had some sort of floating aspect that would be really cool too but i cant have them be flimsy.

This project could potentially be huge as the game design and the content will be appealing to a great many people. Along with the design and creation of these miniatures once recieved i can progress into the vehicle stage of design. This will be a follow on prototype project that will have approx 20-30 different vehicle miniatures that would range from rovers to rockets and satellites.

Right now I'm looking for the cheapest bidder for my first 24 figurines that have a lot of promise. With that being said whomever I choose if I'm happy with their work I can promise a lot more to come!

Skills & Expertise Required

3D Design 3D Modeling 3D Printing 

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