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William LamCanada


ExpiredMar 28, 2018
Not sure if this can work with Bing maps but it would be ideal for me if it's possible. I own excel lists of about 30,000 locations of stores name, address and phone numbers. I have about 8 different store types for example Napa auto parts and save a lot. I need each store as a different colored dot to represent the stores. For example Napa auto parts is red dots for all locations. Save a lot is green dot for all locations. When done all locations should appear on u.s. map at the same time with ability to zoom in or out on the map. Being able to zoom in all the way to one single location or out far enough to see the entire u.s. with all colored dot locations showing at once. Let me know how you would accomplish this project and can you set it up with Bing? Again all locations must show on map at same time. After I choose a winner I will share all the excel sheets with store names, locations, address and phone numbers. All that info needs to be on the dots Info...

Skills & Expertise Required

Data Science & Analytics Data Mining & Management 

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