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Mandeep Dhillon United States


OpenJan 17, 2019
We need to find a calculation methodology to obtain a series of 4 digits from another series of numbers. In short, we have a 4-digit result that we can call C obtained from either another series of numbers B or A or a combination of A and B., For example, A = 55237013 B = 9123143199321 and C = 8618. Your job is to find out what calculations were done to get the C result from B, A or A and B and then create a formula to easily arrive at the result. For this work, we will give you a document with a table where you will find several examples with the results C obtained that you can exploit.
We propose to pay you a fixed rate when you find the formula used.

Skills & Expertise Required

Algorithms Analytics Logic Pro Mathematics Matlab 

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