Jessica Widmer Switzerland


AwardedFeb 25, 2018
I mainly just need advice for the following questions and it shouldn't take long for an expert but it would really help me out and I would appreciate it immensely. Im obviously willing to pay for your advice/ help.

1) I just got an apartment in Henderson, Nevada. I have been making money through my business for about 4-5 months now but didn't get it set up as an LLC until 2/13/2018. I have made about 30K via PayPal that is attatched to my bank account in those 4 months before being set up as a business. This 4 month duration was November-February and I don't know if it is neccessart/how to claim taxes for the money earned since I wasn't set up as a business yet.. As soon as I realized this is potential as a legit business I filed for a sole proprietorship LLC since I'm the only person involved in my business. Do I pay taxes on that money earned or will it be fine to start just claiming the money I make going forward?

2) How do I file taxes for my sole proprietorship LLC? How often do I do so? How much percent of my earnings can I expect to pay in taxes so I know how much money to set aside?

3) I get paid through clients for my sports consulting advice via my website and I accept payment via PayPal and Shopify .. How do I show the amount of income I've made to prove how much money in taxes I need to file..? The money gets deposited straight into my business Bank of America account I set up. Can I just print the bank statements or what do I do? Im only 22 and my dad has always filed my taxes so I don't even know where to begin.

4) I live in Nevada and I heard something yesterday from someone about not having to pay state taxes in Nevada.. I set the business up in Nevada. Is this true?

5) I give my consulting advice to clients online so I am accepting payment from people in other states.. Is this okay or do I need a special license or something to do this? If so how do I go about getting that license ?

Im sure more questions will come to mind as we discuss further.. I really appreciate your help and just wanted to say thank you for your time in advance. Please get back to me asap with information as to whether you are able to answer all these questions for me and help me out. Also, how much will you charge to answer my questions and how does the process work? Thank you very much.

Skills & Expertise Required

Accounting Financial Accounting Financial Reporting Microsoft Excel Microsoft Word 

Project closed for bidding!

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