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ExpiredJun 25, 2017
I am looking for someone to programme an 8051 controller single phase AC-motor (RPM) on the basis of temprature as a input.
The ideal person must have experience in programming an Arduino, 8051 etc.
Looking for C expert, whole program for 8051 should be done in C.
  1. Our circuit consists a sensor which senses and sends temperature to circuit. (May A/D needed);
  2. The first value into 8051 circuit from temperature sensor is considered as starting (initial value) temperature & end temperature should not vary by more than 2 degree
  3. At the initial stage motor should be started and it can go to higher RPM for the initial input.
  4. After reaching the highest RPM motor will runs on the same RPM until the sensor does not return the end temprature.
I want to record the RPM as well current at each level & trace on screen (applicable only for development)
I will discuss more about basic process flow chart of the system and layout with the shortlisted freelancers.
If you are interested please submit your proposal with text "ENTC" in it. Proposals without this text will be rejected.

Skills & Expertise Required

C Programming 

Project closed for bidding!

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