Need Pinterest scraping for anime images




Henry Taylor Australia


OpenDec 7, 2018
I'm looking for someone to perform the following tasks in this order:

1. Take this list of top 100 anime (https://(Removed by Toogit Admin)/popasia/blog/2017/10/12/votes-are-top-100-greatest-anime-all-time-voted-you)

2. Search Pinterest for the title of that anime, then go to the appropriate board that is related to that particular anime (e.g. Sword Art Online)

3. Using e.g. a Google Chrome plug-in (or software or however else you want to do it), give me 200 images each per anime taken, and put it into a folder that's the same name of the anime. Note that the images must be full-resolution, rather than just thumbnails.

4. Repeat for the 100 anime listed.

I need this to be completed ASAP (i.e. by tomorrow), though with the right scraping software it may only take maybe two or three hours of actual scraping (if that).

Milestone is awarded all in one go at completion of the task.

Skills & Expertise Required

Chrome Extension Data Entry Data Mining Python Selenium WebDriver 

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