Strike Off A Registered Malaysian Company (Sdn Bhd)




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OpenApr 22, 2018
Hi, I have registered for a Sdn Bhd company, and I would like close the company now because there is no more activities on business, so I would like to strike off the registered company.

First of all, my company does not have a Income Tax File Number, and Employer Tax File Number. As I know these have to be done before proceeding striking off. Also, I will need to prepare the management account for my company. This company had only run for 6 months, and the sales is just around RM10,000, no staff, no payment slip, no tax invoice, only buying and selling by cash, so preparing the management account should be very simple.

So to summarize, I need someone to help me take care of everything, including preparation and application to strike off my company.

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