The Perfect “Toxic” Storm-Construction Negligence




Manish Lal Mohan South Korea


OpenJan 28, 2019
The Perfect "Toxic" Storm!!!

ONE SIMPLE QUESTION: Is there ANY known construction model, according to code, which would account for the following situation...

A 30+ year old building of over 100 units throughout seven floors in the US, was renovated approximately 5 to 6 years ago, and adapted to a little over 80 units overall, in a "senior" housing complex, intended for a known population of "sick, elderly, immune-compromised" seniors.

All but two of the units, were one bedrooms, serviced by in-the-wall window air conditioning units, with the other two units being two bedroom apartments, on the first and second floors only, respectively stacked on top of each other, and each serviced by three (3) ceiling Mitsubishi commercial HVAC units.

In the apartment on the second floor, after a period of time, there was found to be not one, not two, but seemingly three HVAC units that would overtime, have the units build up and overflow what would otherwise have been year-by year concentrating toxic fungal/ contagious bacterial build-ups, due to "construction negligence", whereby the approximate 1/4 inch-1/2 inch pvc drain hose was found to be crimped, bent into a U-shape, and jammed into the wall "pointing upward".

It was only after this situation occurred, in each of the two HVAC units (Master bedroom & living room), that adaptations were made which included hard plastic PVC piping of approximately 1 inch in diameter, I will share a information to the back of the units, for a seemingly normal drain pattern along the exterior wall and draining off the balcony approximately 12 feet away.

SPECIAL NOTE: It was prior to this adaptation, that as a lay person and consumer viewing these problems, it was simply assumed that the bent/crimped plastic hose jammed into the wall pointing upward, was otherwise intended to have been draining within the approximate 4-6 inch space between the interior and exterior wall, and leading down to the first floor, where there might have been a drain to accommodate the continual flow of water that would be a normal part of the proper functioning of these HVAC units.

QUESTION: Is there any known building design of over 30 years ago, according to code, that would accommodate and lead to a drain within the interior/ exterior wall space, and allow for the proper draining of this retrofitted and highly modern HVAC unit???

Or do you believe, the only possibility and reason for the years-later adaptation of 1 inch hard plastic PVC piping on the exterior wall and outside the building after each overflow, would have been because those soft plastic bent/crimped hoses left pointing upward were simply left unconnected to any intended external and adapted draining method???

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