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Akriti Infosys

Graphic Analyst

India | Asia/Kolkata (USD)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


We are Akriti Infosys – An Image Editing company. It is a pleasure talking to you and I appreciate the opportunity to introduce Akriti Infosys to you. Akriti Infosys’s headquartered in Bangalore and Dehradun, India . We are a 24/7 Image Editing company of India based.
Please visit www.akritiinfosys.in to know more about us, and I promise, you would be saving a lot of money without compromising the quality.
At Akriti Infosys we have a long 14+ years of experience IN IMAGE EDITING field. We already provide a regular reliable service to a variety of companies worldwide, from Publication Companies, Photographers, Studios, Real Estate Agencies,Stock agencies, Catalogue Companies, Modeling Agencies, and many more.
I have had a chance to review your website and I do see that there are opportunities that could be explored in relation to us working together. Just so you know , we have a vast pool of talented individuals who have been involved with the retouching business since a decade and a half.
We are specialized in:-

 Image Colorization Services and Photo Resizing Services.
 Digital photo Editing/Designed wedding/digital photo album.
 Fashion photos editing Services.
 eCommerce image editing
 Glamour photos editing Services
 Image Clipping Paths /Multi Path / Cut out Images work.
 Image Manipulation Touch-up and Restoring old photos.
 Photoshop editing /Clean-Up/ Retouching Services.
 Real Estate image editing Expertise.
 Adding and Removing Objects or figures etc .
 Website Designing , Logo & Business card Design etc..

We have clients from around the world. Presently we are working for the clients from US, UK, Australia and Norway. Providing a Complete Image Editing Service with high quality and quick turnaround time is the specialty of Akriti Infosys .