Alvin C.
Alvin C.
Sr. Systems Engineer and Management ~ DBA ~ IT Security Specialist ~ IT Consulting
Philippines | Asia/Manila (USD)
Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


An innovative, results-driven leader with diverse IT experience of 18 years emphasizing cross-platform and network
Architecture, engineering, installation, implementation, integrations, security, and administration in large facilities
including mid-size, entrepreneurial and start-up setting (local/remote environments). H i ghly-skilled Systems Engineer
who applies broad technical expertise to resolve complex systems and network issues associated with progressive growth
and expansion. Excellent interpersonal collaboration, and problem-solving skills; known for versatility, and ability to
multitask high-level priorities, outperforming expectation under pressure time constraints.
Acquires and assimilates new skills quickly. A Team Leader who is always willing to learn new technologies and be
exposed to different environments. Have good analytical and interpersonal skills.
Highlights of Expertise:
 Database and Application Tuning • Documentation/ Reporting Systems • Team-Leadership/ Collaboration
 Database Hardening • Networking Technology Analysis • Quality Assurance Compliance
 Database Assessment/ Analysis • Downtime & Risk Management • Network Systems Analysis
 Server Hardening • Change/ Configuration Management • Security Issues/ Management
 Systems Infrastructure Development • IT Project Tracking/ Implementations • Client/ Server Programming
 Customer Support/ Satisfaction • IT Strategy and Planning
Selected Project and Accomplishments:
• Installed and implemented open source server, decreasing software costs by 75%. Eliminated b y converting
to Linux (Apache Tomcat for Web Server database engine PostgreSQL).
• Initiated cost saving’s procedures by 70% install open source network storage instead of buying an
additional disk for NetApp.
• Performed Database Replication for High Availability and BCP.
• Performed Migration from Linux Red hat ES5 DL 380 G5 to Blade Server via VMware Esxi 5.0 including
network storage NetApp 1 Terra.
• Server Migration on VMware ESXI5 over HP DL 580 G7 Blade Servers including network storage EMC 8 Terra
• Oracle 8i Migration to Oracle 10g
• Exchange Server Migration from 2003 to 2007 Enterprise
• Windows Server 2003 to Windows Server 2008 Migration and Active Directory
• Installed open source network file systems Open Filer
• Implemented network security where none existed through the use of Palo Alto Firewall PA-5050 and
VPN's between remote offices and central office.
• Migrated Microsoft SQL Server 2000 to Microsoft SQL Server 2005.database Tuning MS SQL Server 2005 eliminates
sluggish long wait application queries


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