Madhu K.
Madhu K.
Software Developer
India | Asia/Kolkata (USD)
Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


i have 4 years of working experience as an application developer in telephony sector, configuring Vicidial/goautodial, elastix, FreePBX and Custom Application.

Asterisk, AGI Scripting, PHP, MySQL, HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.

Project :
1. Vicidial/goautodial customization like reporting, dashboard, minor modification on agent screen, recordings bulk download and etc.
2. Voice logger for both Analog,PRI and Sip Gateway.
3. Audio conferencing with dashboard, creation of the conference, reporting, all asterisk features of the conference in the interface like mute, remove, lock, unlock and stopping the conference through admin dashboard panel.
4. I have built interfaces for asterisk Config files where you can Edit and configure the Config files through the interface.
5. Click to Call API, Call Push API and Call Retrieve API.
6. Voice Blast.
7. CRM Integration. (Lead Squared, ZOHO and Sales Force CRMS).


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