Swarna Koushik Deb...
Experienced Website Developer - Full Stack Development
Swarna Koushik Debroy
  • Country: India | Asia/Kolkata

  • Availability: Part-time:10-30 hrs/week

  • Currency: USD

  • Rate: $40/hr

  • Member since: Jul 4, 2018

About Me

I am an entrepreneur who runs an early stage venture, VizitDoc. Prior to this, I worked for 3 years in 2 different startups and also did an internship with GoIbibo during my college days. Along with my venture, I utilize my skills of Full Stack Development as a freelancer. As an individual, I care deeply for 2 domains personally - healthcare and alternative education.


  • Working History

  • Web Development Intern


    Jun, 2014 to Aug, 2014

  • Software Developer


    Jun, 2015 to Sep, 2016

  • Backend Developer


    Sep, 2016 to Jan, 2018

  • Co-Founder


    May, 2017 to present

  • Education History


    2011 - 2015

    B. Tech, Computer Science



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