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My service is about graphic designing

My service is about graphic designing

  • From$54.06
  • Delivery2 days
Pattern Making

Pattern Making

  • From$24.03
  • Delivery2 days

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Design Patterns Freelance Service FAQs

How can I trust sellers? Are there disclosures?

Every design patterns experts who joins our site, like you, must agree to the Toogit Terms of Service. Prior to buying design patterns freelance service with a design patterns experts, you may send them any extra paperwork (such an NDA) for their signature through chat (as an attachment). Before continuing, design patterns experts must determine if they accept your conditions and sign your documentation. Please remember that the Toogit Terms of Service must not be contradicted by any other agreements.

Are there any safety measures I need to take with design patterns experts (before and after placing my order)?

In general, our Terms of Service cover most things (including confidentiality), and Toogit holds payments until your order is completed. However, as we will not be able to assist in any issue that arises outside of the Toogit platform, we ask that you do not share your personal contact information and avoid communicating through external platforms

What should I do if I have issues with a design patterns experts mid-order?

If you are unhappy with an ongoing order, there are several options available to you. First, we always recommend trying to resolve the issue directly with the design patterns experts. Most often, we find that a little extra communication can go a long way. Every order page also has a resolution center where you can propose a cancelation. If you ever feel like you need a little backup, our Customer Support team is available 24/7. Simply contact them with the details of your order and they will be happy to help.

What if I am not satisfied with the design patterns experts for his/her design patterns freealnce service?

Please be aware that there is a 15-day grace period after an order has been deemed complete, in case you have any problems with a design patterns experts as a consequence of an order. We can cancel the order for you at this period. The design patterns experts may withdraw payment for the order after this time period is over, and cancellation is subject to the design patterns experts's consent. You may get in touch with our Support Specialists by creating a ticket if you need further assistance.

Can a buyer cancel the contract? Is seller consent required for cancellation of contract?

The buyer can decline the demand without the seller's permission. From the time the financial approval document is submitted to the time the seller accepts the order, this option is available to the buyer. The buyer can send a cancellation request to the seller for approval once the order has been accepted by the seller.

Can I pay design patterns experts directly?

No, for your safety, all payments are made through Toogit on the Order page, and buyers pay for orders in advance.
Toogit will not be able to assist if you pay a design patterns experts outside the platform. If you are asked to use an alternative payment method, please report it to Toogit support immediately.

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