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Required C,C++,Data Entry,DBMS,jquery freelancer for Database and chart/ report software with calculations, possibly in Ruby job

Posted at - Feb 2, 2024

First I want to create a 2-page chart, each page half a circle in 12 parts total like pie chart. Have sample that I do manually. The product is to be a software that can be purchased for download. My original plan is to use Ruby and Rubinious. It could be sold on CD-rom.

Second, I want to create input structure for 360 degree locations on zodiac, each degree divided into 60 minutes, and each 30 degrees in a zodiac sign. Have 12 symbols, a location reads eg. 12 Aries 45'. So total number of locations is 360x60.

Third, I want to set up database of fixed star locations by degree as above. About 300 stars, by name and abbreviation using symbol and Greek letter (in chart) and name (in report).

Fourth, I want to set up an input system for inputting location zodiac degree (as above) for each planet and each house cusp taken from a horoscope chart, to be inputted manually by degree and sign as above. Database to retrieve all fixed stars from the databank which lie within a radius of one and half degrees either side of the input location. Database to generate a report listing fixed stars and their information after each planet and cusp subtitle in the report.

Fifth, I want the database to calculate using an algorithm or formula the location for each Arabic Part in the chart, referring to stored information for that person's chart as input above. Each formula uses 3 locations from the 360 degree zodiac, usually __ + __ - __ = ? I have a webtool reference where you can see a tool calculating these one by one using manually input data. I have about 53 different ones. So I want that to generate a report based on house location data (12 houses) as revealed by the client's horoscope input, and based on other elements of the chart (planets, house cusps) which are within two and half degrees radius of the Arabic Part.

Sixth, I want the information above to all be written onto the basic 2-page chart each page having a semi-circle, fixed star abbreviations to appear outside the circle, Arabic Parts to be written toward or away from the center of the chart like radiating lines, planets to appear in abbreviation in the circle.

Seventh, I want to include various databases that the system can retrieve information from, according to a chart element's location. Clients to be able to search background information -- constellations (88) database, inventor (88) database to match the constellation database, stones database (88) to match the constellation database. Report-writing database, client database, option to add notes in each area of the database. All these to be retrievable as part of report according to selections. The databases to be also hold images. Also a sharable chemistry database for recording observations, and associated sharable anecdote option for each fixed star, having numerous categories for archiving. The sharable parts may be written in using C++ extensions maybe. So basically in addition to the database I create there is a kind of diary database running alongside it like a shadow allowing users to input relevant info they would like to share, they cannot edit my database but they can add to the shadow database. I think I would like to structure the shadow database so that each entry that goes in is well-organized with name of horoscope, location chart detail, relevant info. The value of the shadow database is that it allows a body of evidence to build up in relation to an aspect of a horoscope. The entry details allow other users to evaluate the evidence shared by users.

About the recuiterMember since May 20, 2018 Nisarg Jani
from Michoacan, Mexico

Skills & Expertise Required

C C++ Data Entry DBMS jquery 

Open for hiringApply before - Feb 1, 2025

Work from Anywhere
40 hrs / week
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Remote Job

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