Custom Excel Spreadshet VBA - Task & Project Management




Samuel Canada


OpenAug 9, 2018
Create a custom spreadsheet that will be used for task & project management.

Project tasks broken up into several categories with each category containing take and sub tasks.

Each task /subtask to have a check box next to it that strikes out the task and marks it's status as complete once finished.

Each task / subtask will have priorities (Low, medium, high).

Each task will have a tag/category. Tags/categories will be generated from an editable table of tags categories.

Each task / subtasks will have option box for people assigned to task. People able to be assigned will be generated from an editable table of people.

Each task will have a start and end date. You click on the cell and you pick a date on a calendar.

Each task will have a description field where you can type descriptions and share links.

Will be able to easily add more tasks to list.

When adding tasks you can make it a subtasks to another task, and the subtasks will appear indented (like an outline format) under parent task.

On a separate tab you can generate reports that show tasls due today, by date, by person.

On a separate tab there will be a dashboard showing the % complete by category of task
It will also show % complete of entire project based on % complete of weighted tasks.

Tasks generate a gant chart or will be able to exportable to Microsoft project.

The spreadsheet can be copied and reused for other projects.

There may be other items that I need, but this is my intital idea.

Skills & Expertise Required

Data Analytics Data Science Excel VBA Microsoft Excel Microsoft Excel PowerPivot Spreadsheets Statistics VBA 

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