Excel Vba Freelance Jobs


VBA Excel Template 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $250.00, Expiry - Jan 2, 2020, Proposals(2) - posted at 2 weeks ago
Basic VBA Excel Sheet that auto computes and displays Profit and Loss Statement. Data will be pulled from exported data from Tally ERP. Sheet is fairly basic but lot of formatting required on the raw data. Looking for anyone who can quickly make the template.

Excel expert needed for help with spreadsheet (easy computing, vLookup mostly) 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $50.00, Expiry - Dec 22, 2019, Proposals(5) - posted at 3 weeks ago
I have some Excel files that I need to organize to compare data from different spreadsheets, it is nothing very hard but I would like to come up with a fixed process to make the process easier in the future as all the spreadsheet will kind of look the same over and over.

Link data in Excel 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $40.00, Expiry - Dec 18, 2019, Proposals(3) - posted at one month ago
I need someone to link 2 sets of data into 1 pivot or slicer excel spreadsheet has 3 tabs: BPD, Data Object Summary and Attributes. It is the Data Object Summary and Attributes tab that need work. In Data Object Summary tab, I would like to link it to Attributes tab, the link is SAP Target Data Object to Data Object. The objecti...read more

Excel Data Analyst and Excel Graphic Professional 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $25.00, Expiry - Dec 14, 2019, Proposals(7) - posted at one month ago
I'm looking for a person that would create a meaningful chart from data I have in excel by combining all the data together in one chart and allowing me to select the values to be shown in the graph from multiple options.Must be an excel wizard!

Excel report 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $18.00, Expiry - Dec 14, 2019, Proposals(3) - posted at one month ago
I'm looking for an experienced programmer with extensive knowledge in VBA to automate an excel report by pulling and editing data from multiple spreadsheets.

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Excel template professional 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $28.00, Expiry - Dec 3, 2019, Proposals(9) - posted at one month ago
Need assistance with including a calendar drop down option in cells so that individuals can easily select a date so that we receive the same uniform date response back from individuals. Individual will also be needed for ongoing excel template assistance and development work.

Google Sheets - Create Table & Graph for PDF Client Report 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $16.00, Expiry - Nov 17, 2019, Proposals(3) - posted at 2 months ago
We are looking for someone to help us create a PDF report including table and graph.The starting point is an excel sheet with all formulas and logic provided to you.The tasks are:- Task #1 - Transpose Excel to Google Sheets & Check Functionality- Task #2 - Build Report - Table and graph in a new sheet- Task #3 - Convert report t...read more

Building program based on SQL database 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $18.00, Expiry - Nov 15, 2019, Proposals(3) - posted at 2 months ago
We make at the moment easy programs using VBA in Excel for different clients. Mostly we make planning programs to get understandable what's the available and required capacity. We want to replace the 'Excel with macro's programs' by a easy program, based on a SQL database. Who can help us?

Manual Process automation (Excel, website, Firebase) 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $24.00, Expiry - Sep 16, 2019, Proposals(4) - posted at 4 months ago
Hi, I would like to find the best way to automate manual processes. Currently, I have a excel spreadsheet with data (i.e.: vendors informations, products' informations) + some images (i.e.: Vendor's logo, product's picture) that I manually upload into the Firebase portal (Google App storage environment). Currently the manual upl...read more

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**Senior Full-Stack Developer ** For 2 Website Applications (Long-Term) 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $6,000.00, Expiry - Aug 13, 2019, Proposals(1) - posted at 5 months ago
**Both projects are long-term**Project 1 (June 10 - July 11): JUPAS CalculatorDescription: University Entrance Score Calculation System As a secondary graduate, i will use this system to calculate my risk of entering a specific university program. By logging onto the web application, i will be able to enter my (predicted/actual)...read more