English-to-Ukrainian Translator Needed, in Relation to a Film Documentary Project




Scott B. Italy


OpenNov 17, 2018
I am looking for someone to do a fairly extensive amount of English-to-Ukrainian translation (and also possibly the reverse at some later point). This is in relation to a film documentary project I am now attempting to get underway. The film will tell the story of what I call the "authentic music revival movement" in Ukraine.

This film project is in its very initial stages, I should say. I have not even attempted to seek out any funding yet, although this will be one of my next tasks. I have made some contacts in Ukraine, however, which is where the translation will come into play.

At the immediate moment, I am looking for someone to translate email correspondence to a particular Ukrainian musical artist whom I hope to feature in the film (not exactly a fabulously well-known Pop artist, but definitely one of Ukraine's most talented musical artists in my opinion, and someone who will have a very important part to play in the film).

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