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A English-Chinese Translator in Shenzhen China 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $250.00, Expiry - Feb 26, 2020, Proposals(4) - posted at one month ago
I will be on 5 day business trip in Shenzhen and am looking for proficient English-Chinese translator at a cost of $ 50 a day

ENGLISH TO SWEDISH TRANSLATION: Full Translation Of HTML Document From English Into Swedish 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $150.00, Expiry - Feb 26, 2020, Proposals(13) - posted at one month ago
I will provide you with an HTML document in English and you will fully translate it into Swedish. This will include making sure menus make sense, currency is correctly written and all names and locations are changed to Swedish equivalents.

Spanish to Italian interpreter needed for a phone call 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $14.00, Expiry - Feb 5, 2020, Proposals(7) - posted at 2 months ago
I'm looking for a Spanish/Italian speaking person ready to make a phone call to a lawfirm in Paraguay on my behalf.I'll supply detailed guidelines regarding the questions to make as well as full access to a Skype account where you'll find some uploaded credit to cover the call costs.I'll be online fulltime to assist you for more

Lifelong speaker of Iranian Farsi 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $22.00, Expiry - Feb 3, 2020, Proposals(1) - posted at 2 months ago
In connection with a piece of dramatic writing, a lifelong speaker of Iranian Farsi who speaks English well will perform up to six tasks:1. Translate a few words of English dialogue into spoken Farsi dialogue while web-chatting with me to discuss the context of the dialogue or, at the client's option, on his or her own.2. more

Experienced English to Spanish translator 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $500.00, Expiry - Jan 31, 2020, Proposals(10) - posted at 2 months ago
Looking for an experienced person to translate a 22,000 word book from English to Spanish. It is already published and focuses on helping people prepare to walk a Camino or similar long distant walk.Would be really helpful if the translator had walked one or more Caminos so they understand the context and know what phrases more

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English to dutch translator 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $18.00, Expiry - Jan 30, 2020, Proposals(2) - posted at 2 months ago
Looking for english to dutch translatorI have a 1000 word article to translate.Make sure you can open and edit on HTML files

Record an audio on your phone : German and English lines for a movie script 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $10.00, Expiry - Jan 28, 2020, Proposals(4) - posted at 2 months ago
We are looking for an available linguist for a small project:Record an audio file on your phone : 12 short German and English (with German accent) lines for a movie script as an mp3 file (pronounce each line twice, once in a regular, natural way and then repeat it much slower , so the person who does not speak German can more

Native English speaker as proof reader and texter for a Software Tool 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $14.00, Expiry - Jan 28, 2020, Proposals(15) - posted at 2 months ago
We are looking for an English native speaker a proofreader and copywriter for our software business.We will send you texts (e.g. newsletter texts, homepage texts, help files, sales letters, etc.) per mail now and then (normally every day) and we need you to proofread them, correct errors and rewrite parts that should be more

Traditional Chinese to English translators with financial background. 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $5.00, Expiry - Jan 27, 2020, Proposals(1) - posted at 2 months ago
We are looking for long term cooperation.- We use emails for communication including case delivery.- We use fixed rates for per resource word.- CAT Tool is required for all cases(We are currently using Trados & Memsource, please do NOT contact if you are unable to use either one)Please contact me if you are interested in more

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English to Navajo Langauge Translation of 7000 words 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $300.00, Expiry - Jan 27, 2020, Proposals(0) - posted at 2 months ago
We are looking for native Navajo speaker with Ms Office or SDL Trados expertise to translate patient forms from English to Navajo language. These are 700 words and we want it to be done within 2 to 3 days. If you are interested and available, please notify us immediately.

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Are you planing to hire a CSS developer—how can you find a top developer for your front-end or PSD to CSS project?


CSS has been in use for more than 20 years and has become an integral part of any front-end development. Therefore, there is no shortage of developers with CSS listed on their resumes. Locating CSS developers is fairly easy, but choosing the perfect one is that much more of a challenge. This article offers a sampling of effective questions to help you identify the best CSS developers who are experts in their field.


What is CSS?

CSS stands for Cascading Style Sheets, CSS is a programming language that describes the style of a HTML document. If you want to customize your website background image, text colors or border then you need CSS design. Alongside HTML (responsible for structure) and JavaScript (responsible for interactivity), CSS (responsible for style) is one of the big three core components of the web.


Next, we learn about what a CSS developer does, and provide you with a general framework for writing a CSS project description to help you find the right developer for your requirements. How to hire a top css developer to get work done.


What kind of work a CSS developer should deliver to you? A front-end developer uses a combination of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript to build everything a user sees and interacts with on a website—everything from front-end features like fonts and sliders, to the overall manner in which web content like photos, videos, and articles are displayed in your web browser. A CSS developer who specializes in CSS, taking .psd files and mockups and writing the CSS code that incorporates all of the colors, padding, margins, and more that comprise those designs. Beyond the fundamentals, they can work magic with raw CSS, are well versed in preprocessors like LESS/Sass, and may even use a front-end CSS framework like Bootstrap or Foundation.


Hire the best CSS Developers Work with the world's best talent on Toogit — the top growing freelancing website trusted by over 150,000 users.


Writing A CSS Development Project Description

After you get a firm idea of your project deliverables, it’s time to write a project description. The way you write a description will determine the quality of developer that you’ll attract. It’s important to be concise yet detailed enough so developers interested in your project can submit proposals with fairly accurate cost and time estimates. Here our recommendation to use Toogit’s auto-proposal to speed up your hiring procedure and feel the power of AI in freelancing.


The title of your project description can include the type of development that you need. You know that you need a CSS developer, but why specifically a front-end developer specialized in CSS? The title should attract CSS developers with the specific technologies or skills you require for your project.


Next is the project overview. Describe what you’re planning to build or what you’ll need the developer to do. Be as detailed as possible, and include any wireframes or mockups that can help you attract the talented developer for your needs. 


Part of your description should also define the deliverables including any designs, documentation, or source code. 


Sample CSS Project Description

Below sample will help you to write a perfect project description. 


Project Title:

CSS Developer for a Fashion design website 



We’re looking for an expert CSS developer to help us build an exciting new fashion design website template. The project is based on the (MongoDB, AngularJS, and Node.js) stack, so familiarity using Bootstrap with AngularJS is required.

The right developer will be able to provide us with the following skills and services:

  • Translation of designer mock-ups and wireframes into front-end code
  • Front-end integration with a MEAN back-end
  • Unit testing
  • Bootstrap, LESS, AngularJS
  • Familiarity with API Creation and RESTful services


Project Scope & Deliverables:

While much of the project has already been completed, we still need additional support to help us polish our website and meet our launch deadline in 4 months (mm/dd/yyyy). We will need the following three deliverables:

Deliverable #1 by (date) 

Deliverable #2 by (date) 

Deliverable #3 by (date)

Hire a CSS Designer

On you can hire CSS coders and designers to make your web design and custom CSS project shine. Get started today.



For a top CSS developer, read our css interview question and answer section this might come off as a bit basic. However, It cover most of the core CSS concepts and principles, and provide a starting point for evaluating individuals. Being able to discuss CSS principles and concepts in a clear and coherent manner will demonstrate candidate’s communication skills as well as their theoretical and peripheral subject knowledge. Finding true CSS expert is a challenge. We hope you find the interview questions to be a useful foundation in your quest for the elite few among CSS developers. Finding such candidates is well worth the effort, as they will undoubtedly have a significant positive impact on your team’s productivity and results.

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