Mwendwa M. - customer support

Mwendwa M.

customer support

Kenya | Africa/Nairobi (USD)

Full-time : 30+ hrs/week


I am dexterous in nature, Throughout my learning process, I worked in many areas, from telecommunications to warehouses, call centers and more. At the moment I'm working as a game tester or customer services, copywriter, tagger and with the database. Willing to test and every type of game on any platform and provide thorough reviews and notes. Committed to the task at hand and results are promised. I was able to acquire skills in customer service as well as research, communication, proofreading and editing, and analysis among many others. Though I am a Professional Beta Tester by profession, I have an interest in games having been exposed to many forms of gaming through my virtually innate undivided attention to game Development works.Over the past three years I have spent a great deal of time beta testing games, looking for bugs and typos, and proofreading fanfiction. Thus far I have done this as a hobby, but I would like to make a career out of it.

I have worked in customer service and I believe that the same skills I needed to handle clients can also be applicable in an organizational setting, only that it would be a shift of environment. Exposure to different types of fields requires finesse such as self-discipline, patience, and promptness.

Armed with the ability to work under pressure, I am an objective oriented and self-driven individual who is ready to work with a team