Paul Dennis C. - Translator, transcriber, and data entry freelancer

Paul Dennis C.

Translator, transcriber, and data entry freelancer

Philippines | Asia/Manila (USD)

Part-time:10-30 hrs/week


Articulate and proficient whether it’s conversing or writing in Tagalog, Spanish or in English. Translation and vocabulary definitions are easy tasks and typing or writing is not something to take lightly. More than capable in helping somebody translate or help get their message translated. Very familiar with Microsoft Office and its product and have manually entered textual content from paper to spreadsheets, documents, pictures, and organized and arranged them according to date, amount of payment, type of transaction, etc. Possessing a clear understanding about PCs: their functions, approximate prices, maintenance, methods of repair, mods, use, optimization, etc. Capable to guide, show, and explain to less knowledgeable individuals PC in general. Knowledgeable in 3D modeling, both software and hardware, thanks to the 3D Printer which allows projects to be done in small models before tackling in bigger scales. Opens up more possibilities and allows for electronic experimentations such as incorporating LEDs, PIR sensors, switches, and much more components. Know-how to model, re-model, edit, scale, and so on at 3D and 2D and designing, editing, creating, rendering videos, images and motion pictures as well is assured. Owning some personal Architectural knowledge having built cabinet-equipped staircase and several box/enclosures for already made products. Allowed for a new field to be scratched which is always thrilling to learn more of. Very patient, resourceful, and organized. Ready to face any challenge presented and come up with a finished product to which be proud of. Meeting deadlines is of the utmost importance and there’s a reason it is set. Born in the Philippines, grew up in Spain, and finished my Electronic Technology Engineering Associate Degree Program in New York for 2 years to obtain my Diploma. Currently residing back in the Philippines to finish my Undergraduate Program.



Individual Contributor

Tomoson - Jul, 2016 to Jan, 2020, New York, U.S.

Individual Contributor

Consulate General of the Philippines - Mar, 2015 to Apr, 2015, New York, U.S.


A.A.S., Electronics Engineering Technology

(2015 - 2018) Queensborough Community College

N/A, N/A

(2012 - 2015) Queensborough Community College