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Sandeep Saxena

Email Deliverability Consultant

India | Asia/Kolkata
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a. Email Deliverability ( Email Delivery, Email Marketing, Email Consulting, Secure Email ) :
1. Emailing SMTP server setup : PowerMTA, PostFix, Zimbra, hmailserver, Postal
2. Emailing Applications setup : MailWizz, Sendy, Mautic, Interspire ,
3. Email Deliverability Consultation : Improving inbox rate, managing IP and domain reputation, reducing spam score, email best practices
4. Email list cleaning services (Remove invalid domains, invalid pattern emails, spam traps, bounce removal, setting up SMTP and actually sending emails to all email addresses to verify each address individually)
5. Management of the daily/weekly email campaigns.
6. Offering my own Sendy, Mailwizz, SMTP services.
7. Bulk SMS services to most of the countries across globe.
8. IP delisting from blacklists

Delist 5 IPs - 20$
Delist 16 IPs - 30$
Delist 32 IPs - 40$

9. Signing feedback loop with ISP (Yahoo, AOL, Comcast, Microsoft, Synacor, Excite, Fastmail, Rackspace, Telenor, Zoho) so that you can take immediate action on any spam complaints and abuse reports.
10. Analyzing email contents and overall campaigns to implement best practices and reduce spam score.
11. Setting up emailing system using Sendgrid, Mailgun, Elasticemail, Mailchimp, Amazon SES, Sendinblue, Sparkpost.
12. SMTP Servers : I provide SMTP servers as listed below

Note : Email Deliverability (inbox and open rate) is not something which can have a quick fix. There may be few technical aspects which can be fixed quickly but most of things need to be improved/built over a period of time. With every campaign you have to improve some aspects and in few weeks you see very good rate.

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