Sanjeet J.
Sanjeet J.
Tech lead
India | Asia/Kolkata (INR)
Part-time:10-30 hrs/week


I strongly believe that "Every work is possible and we can most difficult tasks". Then why we fail in our task. I thought the reason is planning and willingness.

I always try to improve my knowledge and skill. Work that supports my family, friend and country I always select those work. That is my thought now here is my personal info.

I am an Indian and belong to Mithilanchal. I work as Java professional in Hyderabad.

I believe that Java and other open-source language is best for software developing. I also work for new type app for web and desktop. In the last few years I work on some new idea of Software Architect and develop some of them. That pretty challenging as well as interesting.

Cloud computing in the new horizon for computing technologies and I did the development of some app for cloud computing. Now I am working in eCommerce company as a Teach lead.


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