Create all kinds of machine learning services

By Daia A.

Senior Python / R Data Scientist Machine learning/AI engineer


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My name is Alexandru DAIA, I am a MACHINE Learning and Data Science Expert that is enthusiastic about data science in general and machine learning in particular with lots of years experience in this field.
I have strong training and certificates in this field, worked for local and foreing custommers in some projets , doing very well with machine learning libraries from R and PYTHON, xgboost , sklearn, good coding and data analysis skils.
I am interested to see if we could collaborate regarding your data science needs .
My main areas of expertis are:
-linear and non linear regression
-Deep learning models on GPU
-Data Science
-Machine Learning
-Deep Learning for extraction of new features
-Regression Taks
-Classification task
-Robust Ensembling of multiple models
-sklearn models , Random Forest , XGBoost , Support Vector Machine , Ridge Regression , Lasso Regression , GBM models ,
-Neural networ models , deep learning models , tensorflow , keras etc
-Building conversational chatbots .
-Optimization alghortims : scipy optimization methods and also implementing own genetic alghoritms
-Feature selection , Cross Validation , PCA , kernel density estimates , time series analysis ,
-Autoamatic methods for feature derivation
-One hot encoding, Python sparse matrixes for xgboost models
-Natural language processing , topic modelling and lots lots more


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About The Seller

Daia A.
Senior Python / R Data Scientist Machine learning/AI engineer
FromRomaniaMember SinceJan 27, 2018
*Expert in regression / classification / clustering /Neural Nets / Convolutional Neural Nets/ Machine Learing in Trading / doing very well in SKLEARN libraries ,XGBOOST, KERAS, TENSORFLOW , DATA ANALYSIS , CLUSTERING , FEATURE ENGINEERING *I have strong experience creating machine learning models for all kind of tasks. * Kaggle Competition Expert : 2 SILVER MEDALS +2 BRONZE MEDALS *I am also expert in ENSEMBLING , GENETIC ALGHORITMS , TOPIC MODELLING . *With more then 5...

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Create all kinds of machine learning services
by Daia A.
Create all kinds of machine learning services

Hello, My name is Alexandru DAIA, I am a MACHINE Learning and Data Science Expert that is enthusiastic about data science in gen...


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