I can help you write create articles or proofread any document

By Shekhar M.

Legal Consultant, Creative Writer


$11.58 Cost
7 days Delivery

About This Service

By purchasing this gig you can order any small write up about 650 words in length.

I am a veteran legal expert with more than 13 years of experience in legalities, and I am I do love to draft creative articles for business matters as well

Please feel free to to get back to me or initiate discussion

No free trial

No escrow =no work

Research if need be conducted will attract separate cost

Timeline mostly 3 days, in case of Indian Public Holiday like August 15, 26 January or other public holidays etc it may be delayed by 4 or more days. In case of power failure or natural calamity/ Act of God/Disruption of Services by Authorities, delivery may not be possible for such undefined time since internet services/electric may be disrupted etc

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

Dear Buyer,

Please note: You are suppose to share below mentioned details at the time purchasing this service of "creative writing"

  1. A brief about what you are looking for
  2. A detail of subjects you want to be covered
  3. If its rewriting previous work
  4. Total word count is delimited to 650 and in case of content need be optimized keyword it is delimited to 4 only
  5. Rework is delimited to 3 only if requested within first 7 days of receiving the work, for all purposes work uploaded at toggit would be considered as good as delivered to the client
  6. Any addition/alternation in work requested after first 12 hours of purchase or after first 7 days of receipt would be considered additional work and would be subject to separate charge as may be agreed or in general charged at current rate of this gig if quest work that is 24 hours delivery is not requested
  7. All quick delivery within 24 hours to 2 days would be charged separately

This terms is meant to help client understand what exact right they enjoys and what is chargeable. This term is not to threaten good clients but to restrict free loaders.


About The Seller

Shekhar M.
Shekhar M.
Legal Consultant, Creative Writer
FromIndiaMember SinceAug 5, 2017
Hello Friends! I am Shekhar Mahapatra, a provider based in West Bengal , India. I am working with legal projects since 2007. In last 13 years I have helped many startup with my legal and business skills. I prepare and analyze legal documents since 2007. I had worked with senior counsel back in 2008 and Legal offshore projects as well as law publishing houses from US to UK till Australia. My experience of working with various jurisdiction is perhaps very much diverse as I had worked with Middle E...

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I can help you write create articles or proofread any document
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I can help you write create articles or proofread...

By purchasing this gig you can order any small write up about 650 words in length. I am a veteran legal expert with more than 13 y...

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