I want to sell my Travel Franchise business

Posted At: Jul 2, 2017, from United Kingdom

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General information for the business: We are an online established Travel Franchise Business
Industry: Lifestyle/Travel
Description of support work: Project: I require prospect leads of potential buyers / interested parties for my Travel franchise business which I am looking to sell.

The business: A well established online travel franchisee and limited within the United Kingdom. The business generates revenue from various sources including franchisee fees, sale of new franchise sites and also advertising / affiliate income from the own franchise travel guides I operated. The franchisee sites can be for a vast multitude of destinations including cities, countries or islands.

Reason for sale: The business is operated by 2 members part time basis and other work commitments means we are no longer able to dedicate the time to running the business.

Please send me your proposal of what you can offer, and for what price. Prospects leads need to be real, and interested individuals or parties. Or if you have a better suggestion then I would be up for the conversation.
Extra notes: Key features
• Established Brand and Business
• Fantastically priced for current performance with huge potential for growth and expansion
• Minimal costs to run company
• Business can be run from anywhere in the world
• 22 high quality websites offered in total
• Multiple sources of income
• Home sites and many of the Travel Guides are Page 1 on Google for relevant searches
• There are currently 19 Travel Destination Websites for locations all over the world as well as 2 main home websites.
• All are generating income and web traffic.
• An additional online marketing website is also provided, which complements the company well.

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