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Mirza Portrait Illustrator & Graphic Designer, Pakistan
$20 /hr
2 Years Exp.
Skilled freelance graphic designer with over a decade of experience in the field. Dedicated to staying up-to-date on new techniques and procedures rel...Read More
Anthony Video Editor, Philippines
$5 /hr
2 Years Exp.
I am a Video Editor with Motion Graphics and Photo Editing Skills. I use various programs such as : Adobe Premiere Pro Adobe After Effects,...Read More
I am a professional photographer with great editing skills in photoshop and lightroom, plus I do graphics designing.
Graphic D.Adobe photoshop , Pakistan
$8 /hr
5 Years Exp.
Art and Photography is my hobby. I enjoy editing images in Lightroom and Photoshop and always learning how to improve my skills. I am a perfectionist...Read More
Remah architect , Jordan
$20 /hr
4 Years Exp.
i am a certified architecture with a bachelor degree from the american university of madaba and i am experienced in architecture students need and a...Read More
Samay Video and photo editor, India
2 Years Exp.
4 years experience in video editing for youtube, and photoshop for instagram
hi! i editing photos from past 2 years has a little experience in removing things and colour correction and other stuff!
Shiva Kharbanda Photo editor , India
$2 /hr
0 Years Exp.
I am using photoshop from last 1 year
Vicky Designer, India
$9 /hr
3 Years Exp.
i Have 4 year experience
Developer Wordpress Developer, India
$15 /hr
2 Years Exp.
I am a Wordpress developer with 2 years of experience. Now I am working as a UI DEVELOPER. So I am very much familiar in wordpress, opencart and UI to...Read More
Bhaumik Designer, India
$0 /hr
2 Years Exp.
I'm a versatile design professional
Joya marketing and advertising , Lebanon
$50 /hr
7 Years Exp.
I'm a marketing and advertising student , I did 3 internships in branding design , sales and in the marketing department I am hardworking , pos...Read More
Neha S.Product Designer/illustrator/Graphic Designer, India
$3 /hr
1 Years Exp.
I am a product designer who loves working on digital illustrations, graphics and craft. I believe in bringing innovation to the table in all aspect of...Read More
Haroon Photo manipulation , India
$2 /hr
2 Years Exp.
Have been working for more than 2 and a half years with photoshop. Other than that I also do website handling.
Tapash I am a data entry operator, India
$5 /hr
4 Years Exp.
I am a data entry operator since 4 years experience, and I work customer services, I'll do my best always.
Aala Unity3D / C# expert , Pakistan
$15 /hr
0 Years Exp.
Im a self taught indie game developer. Ive been working on 2d Souls like video game for the past 2 years. Writing the code , testing , bug fixing and...Read More
Abdullah Writer, Youtuber, Pakistan
$2 /hr
3 Years Exp.
I am a writer basically with over a year of experience in essay and story writing and beta reading. My masterpiece Nobel, the protagonist shows my exp...Read More
Pratik Photoshoper, India
$1 /hr
1 Years Exp.
I am a Photoshoper & Photographer
Syeda A.Intern, Pakistan
$10 /hr
0 Years Exp.
I am doing my graduation in Food and Nutrition and I got few software skills. -Adobe Photoshop -Microsoft Office -Translation I can also guide you...Read More
D3 Biochemist, Philippines
$10 /hr
50 Years Exp.
I am a freelance designer with fresh ideas. Designs are more on minimalist types.
Sweet Data Entry and PhotoShop, Pakistan
$5 /hr
1 Years Exp.
I am a data entry expert. I have two year experience. I can write your document according to your requirements like MS Office . I can convert your doc...Read More
I am professional in desiging business cards and Cvs . Do professional photography and editing oictures on lightroom and adobe Photoshop
Muhammad Junaid Graphic Designer, Pakistan
$5 /hr
12 Years Exp.
i have a 12 years experience in graphic & textile designing i passed 7 years in dubai in same field also i have done digital prints for many pa...Read More
Paul G.Video editor and graphic artist, Philippines
$55 /hr
90 Years Exp.
Video Editor (Adobe Premiere Pro & Final Cut), Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After effects
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Something about Website Design

Every satisfied customer on every website starts in the hands of a experienced web designer. This professional has the ability to capture the client’s vision, bring the design elements to life, and ultimately create a website that appeals to consumers. This is not easy task since it involves both creative and technical abilities, so a top web designer is experienced in many different disciplines. 

Likewise, an in-demand website designer will also have insights into the business and marketing worlds to understand how a website can meet a client’s needs, convey their brand, and help embrace new customers online. This knowledge is used to maximize things like lead generation and overall engagement levels.


Web Design vs. Web Development In A Nutshell

In essence, web design refers to both the aesthetic portion of the website and it’s usability. Web designers use various design programs such as Adobe Photoshop to create the layout and other visual elements of the website. Web Developers on the other hand, take a website design and actually make a functioning website from it. Web developers use HTML, CSS, Javascript, PHP and other programming languages to bring to life the design files. 


Web Design – A Closer Look

Web designers must always begin by considering a client’s website objectives and then move on to an Information Architecture (IA) to set a website’s information hierarchy and help guide the design process. Next, web designers can start creating wireframes and finally move to the design stage. Web designers may use several basic design principles to achieve an aesthetically pleasing layout which also offers excellent user experience.



Design Principles

Balance – It’s important for web designers to create a balanced layout. In web design we refer to heavy (large and dark colors) and light (small and lighter colors) elements. Using the correct proportion of each is critical to achieving a balanced website design.


Contrast– In color theory, contrasting colors are ones placed opposite one another on the color wheel (see also complementary colors). Web design offers a few other areas where contrast is applicable. Designers look at contrasting sizes, textures and shapes to define and draw attention to certain sections of the website.


Emphasis– We touched on this a bit when discussing contrast. Emphasis is a design principles founded in the intentional “highlighting” of certain important elements of the website layout. It’s important to note that if you emphasize everything on the page you end up emphasizing nothing. Imagine a page in a book where 80% of the content is highlighted in yellow…does anything really stand out? This is the time to take a look at that Information Architecture for direction.


Consistency – Also called repetition or rhythm, consistency is a critical web design principle. For example, clean and consistent navigation provides the best user experience for your website visitors.


Unity – Unity is the relationship between the various parts of the website layout and the composition as a whole. Based in the Gestalt theory, unity deals with how the human brain visually organizes information by grouping elements into categories.



Web Development – A Closer Look

Web developers, sometimes called programmers, take the design created and build a fully functioning website. To put it (very) simply, think of the design as a non-interactive “picture” of a website. Developers take that design and break it up into it’s components. They then either use just HTML or a more dynamic approach incorporating programming languages such as PHP to develop the various website pages. More advanced web developers may choose to utilize a Content Management System (CMS) like WordPress or Joomla in order to streamline development and allow clients an easy way to maintain and update their website.

Web developers may convert a static layout into a dynamic website by using image and content sliders, active states for links and buttons, and other interactive elements.


Defining your project and writing a perfect job description

It pays to do a little bit of homework before hiring a web designer since it can have a drastic effect on the overall price and the quality received. For example, a simple website without any large customizations can be launched with a pre-made theme at a minimal cost. This may not be suitable for websites anticipating lots of custom layouts and/or extensive traffic, so it’s good to know up front what type of designer will be required or if you’ll also need a developer.


Web Design Job Post Template

Take a look at an example web design project description. Keep in mind that many people use the term “job description,” but a full job description is only needed for employees. When attracting a freelancer as an independent contractor, you typically just need a requirement of work, job post, or any other document that describes the work to be done.

<Project Title>

Project Overview

ABC Company is looking for a web designer to create a custom theme for our e-commerce store. This project will be to create a responsive, mobile-friendly design.

Deliverables include:

Mock-ups for each page of e-commerce site (approximately 20 pages)

Custom navigation and HTML elements

Graphics integrated into two homepage carousels (12 images total)

Setup of online shopping basket


Deadline for deliverables:

All tasks must be completed by <date>.


This project requires the following skills:

Expertise working with <design software>, <mobile/responsive framework>, <Adobe Photoshop>, or <CMS template builder>

E-commerce experience is a plus

Understands responsive design


The work will also require a great view for detail and preliminary retail experience, preferably in the electronics/automation industry. We would like to begin this project no later than <date>, so we plan on hiring a candidate by the end of the week.


Analyzing Web Designer Profiles & Portfolios and Hiring Freelancer

After posting a detailed, well-thought-out project description that defines what you’ll need from your web designer, it’s time to start analyzing proposals. How do you select the top talented designer for your project?


Experience, Smartness & Work

When it comes to finding the top talented web designer, start by reviewing for portfolio samples that match your requirement. Be sure to ask freelancers about their experience with other facets of design as well, and consider the overall goal for the website being built. 

Finally, it’s important to verify that a web designer understands the brand in question and its overall goals online. A qualified professional will be able to give a list of any expected obstacles, plus estimate the amount of time the project will take and the total cost. Since complex website projects could require months to complete, a good working relationship is essential.

With the right freelance web designer, you can end up with a finished product that brings your vision to life. Just take the time to create a detailed project description, review each freelancer’s proposal and portfolio, and ask them a few web design interview questions to determine if they’re the right fit for the project.

Need to design a new logo? I will tell you everything you must know before starting on a brand identity project.

What makes a great logo? And, most importantly, how can you design the best logo for a brand or product? In this article, we will answer those two questions and much more. 

But first, we realise that some people visiting this page are looking for a logo design tool to make a logo for their startup business, perhaps until it has expanded enough to require a professional design. So here, I am sharing the link to find the best logo designer or post your requirement for free to get the work done before you need within your budget.


Why logo design is important?

Your logo is your business's identity for the outside world. If people joins with your branding, the likelihood is that they will open up to whatever it is offering them. Great logo design requires a complex mixture of design skills, creative theory and skilful application. Any logo designer worth their salt can create a fit-for-purpose logo, but truly mastering all aspects of the craft takes time. Of course, logo design is just one small subset of branding, but the logo or brand mark remains the centrepiece of most branding schemes.


How to get great logo designed?

Make it unique : Your logo should stand out and be recognized among the slew of others in the same market space.

Make it adaptable : Strong logos translate well across different mediums. Will your logo evoke the same meaning on a business card as it will on a billboard?

Make it timeless : Milton Glaser created the "I Love New York" logo in 1975. Thirty-six years later, shirts and tchotchkes bearing that ubiquitous emblem still line the walls of gift shops around the world.

Make it appropriate : Before starting on any sort of marketing campaign, you must first nail down your target audience. A logo needs to accurately reflect a company's culture and values, the company's essence.


Here’s a sample logo designe job description:

<Job Title>

We’re looking for a talented logo designer to help us bring our next campaign to life. We’re searching for someone to design a flat and attractive logo for our insurance clients. 

Deliverables needed:

Five minimalist logo designs for prospective insurance clients completed by <date>.

Skills needed:

  • Excellent graphic design skills
  • Understanding of marketing campaigns
  • Mastery of Adobe Photoshop
  • Insurance industry knowledge a major plus

Additionally, please give a brief 2-3 paragraph summary of your logo design experience and why you feel like you’d be a great fit for this work. Also include two relevant samples that show your best design work and creativity. Our max budget for this project is approximately $20, and the project fee will be determined by the freelancer.

This project is expected to start by <date> and we would like to select the right freelancer this week.


Selecting the Top Logo Designer

Top logo designers will be quick to answer any questions, plus they’ll be able to give numerous insights to solve your design goals. Don’t be afraid to ask specific questions that will help reveal each freelancer’s design style and overall talent. In addition to interviewing the freelancer, you can review portfolios, samples of past work, and feedback from other clients. Choosing the right freelancer will often come down to the artist with the best communication skills and ability to create impactful logo designs. 

Do you want to trim the procedure? Choose Toogit's best logo design service 

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Need to design a new logo? I will tell you everything you must know before starting on a brand identity project.What makes a great logo? And, most importantly, how can you design t...

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