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I need to create a game using unity game engine  

Hourly - Est. Budget - $2.00, Expiry - Mar 22, 2018, Proposals(0) - posted at 2 hours ago
I am a Masters student currently finishing my final project in Animation. I am required to develop a game in Unity 3D but do not know C# language. It an AR-based game and I would do the final compiling for the academic project and all I want to be done is the coding because the modelling and animation and compiling I can do. more
C# Unity 

Android Online multiplayer Car Racing Game 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $500.00, Expiry - Feb 27, 2018, Proposals(4) - posted at one week ago
2D game 7 Candidates per race 5 Laps Winner will get 6 Cars each cars will be in different prices 20 , 30 , 50 if candidates purchase 20 Rs car winner will get 6 Cars as reward that 6 cars can sell to admin then winner will get 6 x 20 = 120 Rs per race and admin will get 20 rs Benefit per race

Front end mobile IOS app developer 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $5,000.00, Expiry - Mar 1, 2018, Proposals(18) - posted at 3 weeks ago
Required: -2+ professional years (preferably more) with iOS front end development using Swift -Fluent in English Recommended: -2+ years experience using Agile methodologies ​​​​​​-2+ years experience using version control systems (preferably Git) -Experience using Swift 4 -Experience using REST APIs -Experience with more

Experienced cross platform dev for standalone information app to take back a little control 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $200.00, Expiry - Dec 27, 2018, Proposals(1) - posted at one month ago
Looking for an initial MVP - a simple concept - quick/easy (for non technical) look up of what permissions have been granted/taken based on device - camera/microphone/contacts/location - direct jump to change the access, as well as, show when the permission was last used with the corresponding amount of data per use & more

We would need to create an eLearning Course in Spanish (SCORM) for Stewardess 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $20.00, Expiry - Nov 23, 2018, Proposals(1) - posted at 2 months ago
I would like to create the first module of elarning course for Stewardesses. The idea is to publish it on a Moodle site, currently the classes are performed without this kind of material so exiting animations and usful evaluation will be needed. The course should be created in spanish language.

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Aso expert needed for recipe Organizer app 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $23.81, Expiry - Oct 2, 2018, Proposals(2) - posted at 2 months ago
New iOS recipe organizer and meal planner app launched. Looking for someone analytical and experienced to help boost Aso searchability of app on Apple Store.

Augmented Reality Demo 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $43.10, Expiry - Sep 28, 2018, Proposals(2) - posted at 4 months ago
I want to make an Augmented Reality demo. The demo should show a Jewlery ring on a finger. Later we would like to access it within an iOS app. Please apply with examples and cost for this demo. I have the 3d obj file. Thank you!

Phonegap developer to show an online site as App 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $465.75, Expiry - Sep 14, 2018, Proposals(22) - posted at 5 months ago
We have a Web site and we need to make it as App for Android and IOS. We will provide Url and Icon and the contractor will make an App to show the Url content. The site uses cookies so it should be enabled too. The contractor will also upload it in Apple and Play store we will provide the developer accounts.

Develop a quiz application compatible for both Android and Iphone 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $1,035.00, Expiry - Sep 14, 2018, Proposals(28) - posted at 5 months ago
I am looking for someone who can develop a quiz application compatible for both Android and Iphone. A short overview of application is : 1. Quiz Application 2. Quiz for different subjects, where subjects can added or deleted with each update 3. Each subject quiz will have multiple level and levels can be added or deleted more

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Consultant for mobile development 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $54.36, Expiry - Aug 26, 2018, Proposals(33) - posted at 5 months ago
Hello, I am looking for a guru who understands the in-out of mobile development. My vision is to go away from native development and use generic/web development for mobiles. So i am looking for someone to guide me 1) If cross-platform is the right approach or native development? 2) Advantages and disadvantages of more