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Explainer video animator/creator needed 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $100.00, Expiry - May 5, 2020, Proposals(1) - posted at 5 days ago
We need help in creating two 1min 40sec explainer videos of our company's services. We already have a voiceover recording of what needs to be animated, we just need the actual animation and background music/sfx (as needed).The team is very unique in that we're all based in different parts of the world, so we need someone who more

Video Editing / Motion Graphics editing - Short Birthday Video 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $16.00, Expiry - May 4, 2020, Proposals(23) - posted at 6 days ago
We require a short Birthday Video (about 2.5 minutes). I will share an existing video with you in next step, we need someone to be able to replace all the photos and text with content that we will provide, only up to 2 minutes and 25 sec.Thanks

After Effects expert for arabic Video editing 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $20.00, Expiry - Apr 30, 2020, Proposals(10) - posted at one week ago
HI,we are looking for for a good animator to help us with several project involving arabic VO sync, Subtitling, and other would be a huge plus if you have a strong animation 2d and 3d so that we can give you more work.

Youtube video creator needed for an ongoing contact 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $35.00, Expiry - Apr 29, 2020, Proposals(17) - posted at one week ago
I am currently working on a website and I need some help with creating videos for my youtube channel because I am busy with other things I'm working on. I will provide the voice over and voice-over script and I need someone who can be creative with the videos. I want this to be beneficial for both parties so you can get some 5* more

i need a text animated video in 60 seconds 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $5.00, Expiry - Apr 28, 2020, Proposals(12) - posted at one week ago
I am looking for a video editor to do a youtube video with text and animation for 60 seconds. I will need a logo at the back.

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Technical Video 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $600.00, Expiry - Apr 27, 2020, Proposals(8) - posted at one week ago
I am looking for someone to create a technical video for us with animation. The video should be produced and rendered using After Effects. The animation is about cybersecurity and a brand new tool that we are working on bringing to the market place.The job is to create a 60-70 second video complete with animation and voice more

Fortnite Content Creator & Editor 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $12.00, Expiry - Apr 26, 2020, Proposals(13) - posted at 2 weeks ago
I have a big Fortnite youtube channel. It needs a full time content creator & editor. Is this you?? Contact me ASAP so we can discuss a few points.

Animate company logo 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $50.00, Expiry - Apr 26, 2020, Proposals(13) - posted at 2 weeks ago
I have a logo in psd format, would like to animate it for video production. Want very nice graphics and sound added, I had an idea of what I want to be done with logo in regard to animating it but if you have any ideas feel free to share but you can get inparation from the meaning behind the company name on our website.

Editing needed for animation. No need to animate just editing skills needed 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $20.00, Expiry - Apr 24, 2020, Proposals(13) - posted at 2 weeks ago
I need a animation that was created for me edited. no need to create animation yourself just edit my current video and add an transition to outro that consists of words on a background with music. Will give exact example of what im talking about through instagram as that is where i have the ad im referencing saved. Freelancer more

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Explainer Video 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $500.00, Expiry - Apr 24, 2020, Proposals(1) - posted at 2 weeks ago
I need a professional explainer video made for my app concept TaskNinza. This will need to showcase and explain our app in a video which is 2 minutes or less. I will be using this video for my website and investor portfolio. Please let me know if this job is for you and attach a recent video you have created. Thank you!

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