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electromagnetic simulation

Posted at one month ago

Open for hiringApply before - Feb 6, 2024

I need someone with good skills to create electromagnetic software simulations in COMSOL multiphysics or any other simulator available that is accurate.Basically my simulation involves a copper coil, an iron core, a noedumium magnet and motion of one of them.I need to obtain the current produced in the coil in short circuit more

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Flywheel energy storage design & simulation

Posted at 4 months ago

Open for hiringApply before - Nov 17, 2023

Deliverable is a report for a simulation of a flywheel energy storage system with special parameters. The job is composed of two sections. First section is the design and the second is the simulation of that design with the parameters indicated such as materials, gearing and speed of rotation.

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Comsol battery simulatiin

Posted at 5 months ago

Open for hiringApply before - Oct 23, 2023

I need battery simulation in comsol

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Stress distribution inside part during loading

Posted at 5 months ago

Open for hiringApply before - Oct 5, 2023

Looking for somebody to calculate the stress distribution inside two plate-like parts subject to uniform pressure on the lower side of the parts, when their ends are held fixed. Parts are 2D axi-asymmetric. Deliverable would be files I can modify to change the pressure and observe the response. The software used should be open more

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