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MailChimp expert - Set Up & Create Funnel. Text only, don't want html or image heavy emails. 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $14.00, Expiry - Jun 12, 2020, Proposals(17) - posted at one day ago
I would like you to:Set up my mailchimp (no set up made yet)Set up branding, signatures, no junk filter etc. Upload my contacts (1,000 emails) csv fileCreate email sequence*Test & launch* I am looking for ideas on an optimized sequence that you have found to work best. Purpose of Sequence:I am emailing these clients to ask more

Write a high-converting sales page script for an online dating product 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $100.00, Expiry - Jun 11, 2020, Proposals(10) - posted at 2 days ago
I'm looking for a talented copywriter to write a conversion-focused sales page. The product is a Tinder hack that helps men to find more success using online dating.

Core Website Pages Design 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $300.00, Expiry - Jun 11, 2020, Proposals(12) - posted at 2 days ago
I'm looking for a web designer to become a partner for my company for Ad Hoc Web Design on a freelance basis.I will share an example project that we have going on at the moment with selected person.This is for a Video animation company who want a re-design of their whole site. The Wireframe will be provided to you and the more

Need Copy Writer for Cold Sales Email Copy 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $100.00, Expiry - Jun 10, 2020, Proposals(16) - posted at 3 days ago
I'm looking for someone who is strong at writing cold sales emails that convert. I have a template that I have been using and is working quite well. I need someone to help adapt certain parts of the templated email to each company's specific values and objectives so that it doesn't feel automated.

Email and content marketer 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $100.00, Expiry - Jun 5, 2020, Proposals(18) - posted at one week ago
Looking for an experienced email marketer and content marketer with social media experience that writes excellent copy for all mediums. You need to be analytical and results driven. Share some of your work and results and writing samples to be evaluated. Thanks!

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Technical Writer responsible for creating and maintaining a robust Architecture platform information 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $1,000.00, Expiry - May 22, 2020, Proposals(7) - posted at 3 weeks ago
Technical Writer - Hanoi, VietnamCompany overviewEMOTIV is on a mission to vastly improve our understanding of the human brain and to develop a platform for researchers, developers, and consumers around the world to be part of a global innovation task force. EMOTIV leads the field of mobile EEG technology and our technology more

CopyWriter | Content-Creator wanted! (full-time) for B2B Human Resource Talent Development solution 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $12.00, Expiry - May 16, 2020, Proposals(9) - posted at 4 weeks ago
We are biz4d, a German consultancy-firm in a fast paced working environment implementing on mentorship within leadership and TOP talent development programs. We are looking for a Marketing Professional.Our business-partner are typically HR Directors and C-level executives responsible of medium-sized (500 - to 5,000 employees) more

Fund Raising Pitch Deck for FinTech Startup 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $400.00, Expiry - May 3, 2020, Proposals(12) - posted at one month ago
We're a FinTech startup that is looking to raise our first round of capital. We're targeting a $500 - $1MM raise. We're looking for an expert to put together a pitch deck for us. We have all the research done, but need someone to be able to put the pieces together to tell the entire story for our company and showcase our more

Seeking a Virtual Assistant /Content Writer/Customer Representative Extraordinaire! 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $14.00, Expiry - May 2, 2020, Proposals(15) - posted at one month ago
We're seeking a Virtual Assistant /Content Writer/Customer Representative Extraordinaire!CUSTOMER SERVICE - Uploading daily inventory file onto inventory management system- Overseeing order fulfillment and resolving any occurring issues - Processing returns by creating RMA ticket, tracking status of return and refunding more

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Content Writer Needed for New Company 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $5.00, Expiry - May 2, 2020, Proposals(18) - posted at one month ago
We've developed a new CBD product and need a writer for our company overview, marketing plan, product description, competition, etc. 2nd phase will be website content, seo pages etc. We want to hire an actual writer not an overall marketing person. Once we discuss the scope of work we'll amend the job price in this post

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In the age of smartphones, it is critical to ensure your business  grabs maximum eyeballs and in the most interesting manner possible. Toogit is the unique resource that enables an easiest options to hire a best content writer for your businesses. In-depth research, data mining, web marketing, copywriting, editing, and preparing summaries, etc, our top talented freelance content writers are always ready to deliver your needs.


Why Developers Write Horrible Documentation

Your developers love to solve problems, implement new features, and squash bugs. And, they are pretty brilliant at this. But, they hate writing. Most engineers can’t write a single coherent sentence, let alone a user manual.


That’s because writing and programming are two different skills. One requires abstract thinking and problem solving while the other requires great language skills, conciseness, and playfulness. Sure, both developers and writers share some skills like reasoning and problem solving but they manifest differently.


That’s not to say that all developers are bad writers. Some of them know how to create straightforward, well-organized sentences. For most of them, however, this task is a challenge, and they’ll do anything to escape the act of writing. So, even though your developers understand your product best and might seem like the perfect person to create user manuals, it’s actually better to work with a technical writer.


We know what you’re thinking

Professional writers can adapt everything from their tone to their writing style to the identity of your business. They conduct interviews with you and your employees to get a feel of the personality of your company. Niche expert writers often have hands-on experience in your industry so getting to the heart of complex topics isn’t something difficult.


Writers may specialize in an industry or by project type. Such as tech writers or those who only write direct mail pieces. Although writer portfolios may include a mix of project types, writers usually fall into one of these three categories:


Content writer: These non-advertising writers are skilled at writing blog posts, ebooks, and whitepapers.


Advertising writer: Many worked in ad agencies and are familiar with graphic-heavy projects, slogans, or mixed media campaigns.


Sales writer: They work on projects focused on conversions. Such as getting the click, call or purchase. Projects include product packaging to email campaigns and landing pages.


You can start finding the ideal freelance writer by…


Write a great Job Post to hire content writer

The goal of your job post is to help the right freelancer find you. You can do this by writing a strong project description, which is simpler than you might think.

Your job post just needs to answer these three questions: 

What do you need done? 

When do you need it? 

What are the start and end dates for your project? 


These details not only help you attract more skilled freelancers, you’ll also receive more accurate proposals.


Now that you posted your job and received a bundle of proposals, here’s how to quickly identify the most ideal top talent for your project.


1. compare freelancers

Narrow down your initial pain by filtering out these proposals & compare the selected proposals to judge which one is the well suited for your needs


2. Interview Them On Toogit Messenger

Once you narrow the shortlist down further, schedule a interview with them using Toogit Messenger. Many companies prefer video over phone because video lets you see their body language and hear their tone of voice. But sometime or in the writing case as you can view their skills on chat you never found this on other side. Ask questions that help you understand their process and passion for writing, and your project.


3. Test them with small assignment

Once you identified the finalists, consider giving each writer a small test assignment. 


4. Hire them on Toogit and Get started with Toogit’s unique project management tool. Toogit is a premium freelancing site with all the premium features to help you find the best candidates for your job and help complete the job.


How Content Writers Work

Content writers work with their clients in order to determine how to bring the greatest possible benefit to potential readers. This requires thoughtful conversations between writers and their clients, plus extensive research to locate the best possible information. Being able to understand business models and the client’s overall goals are also important, so superior communication is always a necessity.


Some content writers may handle more advanced tasks like preparing ad copy, technical writing, or explainer/video scripts. Others could have backgrounds in marketing, search optimization, journalism, business, or a number of other fields to make their services more comprehensive for their clients.


Considerations For Hiring A Content Writer

There are a wide range of professionals in the field of content writing with different levels of experience, so it’s important to have a clear understanding of the type of services you’re required. For instance, novice content writers may be suitable for writing things like blog posts and product descriptions. It may require a more senior content writer, however, to clearly articulate complex topics for the general public.


How To Choose A Best Content Writer

Since writing is the most important skill, you should look for well-written custom proposals that directly answer each of the questions posed in your job description. Also pay attention for any typos or poorly written sentences since it’s a direct reflection of the work you’ll likely receive. The same goes for any messages or emails exchanged during the selection process; top professionals will be quick to respond with excellent communication skills.


Additionally, remember that your brand has a distinct personality of its own—even if it hasn’t been actually defined yet. You want to find a writer who can capture the appropriate tone and create content that will resonate with your audience.


Finally, be sure to ask plenty of questions about the writer’s experience and familiarity with your industry. The more comfortable you feel with a writer during the hiring process, the better the overall experience will be in the long run.

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