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Podio, API, Globiflow, Zapier Integration and Automation Specialist

Posted at 3 weeks ago

Open for hiringApply before - Feb 12, 2025

Business System Architecture review and improvement3rd party app integration with Podio via API, Zapier or custom scriptsPodio app development, improvementPodio data handling, maintenance and integrity Podio Automation using GlobiflowScreen share meetings to review progress and needs.

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podio expert

Posted at 3 weeks ago

Open for hiringApply before - Feb 7, 2025

i am looking for podio expert to help me with my b2b business

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Podio CRM - Stop Lead App from creating Duplicate Leads.

Posted at one month ago

Open for hiringApply before - Jan 13, 2025

Stop Podio system (Leads App) from creating duplicate leads. When the same lead contacts us more then once the system should update the existing lead and not create a duplicated lead. We use Podio, globiflow, and Callrail. Must have experience with Podio and Globiflow

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Podio Customization and 3rd Party Integration

Posted at 7 months ago

Open for hiringApply before - Jul 31, 2024

We have back-end integration needs for our Podio workspace. The job involves integrating Podio to Phoneburner via PieSync. We have a list of contacts, some of which need to be synchronized to Phoneburner according to a series of rules. The other objective it to facilitate the parsing of incoming emails from our marketing more

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Podio CRM Expert

Posted at 10 months ago

Open for hiringApply before - Apr 27, 2024

Looking for a Podio/Globiflow Expert who can help manage our company's dynamic needsThis is a single project that we're sure will evolve into multiple other projects as our company is constantly changingBut this project consists of the following1. Allow for RightSignature notifications to be documented in Podio. (So right now more

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