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Podio CRM - Stop Lead App from creating Duplicate Leads.

Posted at 3 days ago
Sep 22, 2021
Stop Podio system (Leads App) from creating duplicate leads. When the same lead contacts us more then once the system should update the existing lead and not create a duplicated lead. We use Podio, globiflow, and Callrail. Must have experience with Podio and Globiflow

Podio, API, Globiflow, Zapier Integration and Automation Specialist

Posted at one week ago
Sep 29, 2021
Business System Architecture review and improvement3rd party app integration with Podio via API, Zapier or custom scriptsPodio app development, improvementPodio data handling, maintenance and integrity Podio Automation using GlobiflowScreen share meetings to review progress and needs.

podio expert

Posted at 9 months ago
Dec 13, 2021
i am looking for podio expert to help me with my b2b business