Laravel Framework Freelance Jobs



Fixed - Est. Budget - $400.00, Expiry - Jan 6, 2020, Proposals(8) - posted at one week ago
We are implementing an ecommerce platform based on Lavarel and we want to join to our team a developer with expertise on Lavarel framework. This is a first step of the project.

Mentor and tutor for Laravel project - creation of business process management system 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $18.00, Expiry - Dec 29, 2019, Proposals(9) - posted at 2 weeks ago
I am developing a business process management system in Laravel for my accounting company. Need a good developer to teach me how to use different functions. Basically, answer my how to do questions with code samples. Would be good, if the teacher could also write code for areas that will be used only once or twice, so I do not more

creating a cryptocurrency trading bot 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $18.00, Expiry - Dec 21, 2019, Proposals(8) - posted at 4 weeks ago
i need a high grade cryptocurrency trading bot that automatically buys and sells 10 coins from an exchange.Main coins thats want to be traded are BTC LTCETHEOSNXSADAXRPELAVETNEOi want the trading bot when developed to run 24 hours a day without human input to trade these coins to sell high and buy lowhave to be expert in more

WordPress Woocommerce and plugins 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $14.00, Expiry - Dec 14, 2019, Proposals(9) - posted at one month ago
I'm looking for a WordPress Woocommerce developer with strong theme code customization using child theme and adapting pluginsIf you have knowledge on converting Adobe XD files into HTML that will be a plus

Datapopulation, charts and rating system enhancement in Laravel Project 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $150.00, Expiry - Dec 5, 2019, Proposals(4) - posted at one month ago
Milestone 1:Creation of datapopulation script that automatically insert data into tables in DB (already present) from CSV, XLS, XML files. The tables are already present into the DB it is necessary to populate them and show results in frontendMilestone 2: Charts: based on the data populated we need some charts based on filter more

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Php Email Script 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $40.00, Expiry - May 15, 2019, Proposals(1) - posted at 8 months ago
Hi I want to write a Php script to verify email address. using rcpt or something like this website to check weather user email address exists or not.https://(removed by Toogit Admin)https://www.(removed by Toogit Admin)/blog/2009/how-to-check-if-an-email-address-exists-without-sending-an-email/ more