cpanel | Back End Admin panel Development

By Tharsh T.

EEE Undergraduate | Full Stack Developer |AutoCAD Draughtsman | Web Designing

Sri Lanka

$155.25 Cost
7 days Delivery

About This Service

CPanel | Backend Admin panel development, installation and management along with your Dedicated server, vps server using a unique and user friendly framework designed by me.

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

1) Abilities the admin panel needs to have
2) Sturcture of the admin panel
3) UI Framework setup prefferences if there are any.


About The Seller

Tharsh T.
EEE Undergraduate | Full Stack Developer |AutoCAD Draughtsman | Web Designing
FromSri LankaMember SinceJun 25, 2017
1 Name: Tharsh Tharshanth Sri Lanka 2 Education: Undergraduate, reading B.Sc Hons Degree in Electrical and Information Sciences Engineering at South Eastern University of Sri Lanka 2 Specialization: Full Stack Developer | PHP Developer | Website Designing | Website Hosting | Software Development | Graphic Designing | Digital Electronics | 4 Hands-On practice in Designing languages: HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, jQuery, JavaScript Development languages: PHP, MySQL, C#, WordPress 5 Havin...

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