I will be virtual assistant for data entry, data mining, web research and admin support.

Posted At: Jul 6, 2021, from India

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Data Entry Professional
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About This Service

Hello, I am a Data Entry Professional. I am always determined to deliver projects to my clients before meeting the dead line with 100% satisfaction & loyalty.

Please check my expertise :

  1. Extraction of data from directories, books, magazines, journals, paper questionnaires to Excel.
  2. Data entry from electronic publications such as e-books and e-magazine, surveys, directories and databases.
  3. Image data entry into Excel.
  4. Data extraction from the web.
  5. Document Management.
  6. E-Book Data Entry and Photo Search Services.
  7. Real Estate and Survey Data Entry.
  8. Data Enrichment, Processing, Conversion.
  9. Ecommerce Data Entry.
  10. Regular data delivery means that you get the data you need from the web as frequently as you need it. It could be every month, every weekday, every hour, or updated data will be scraped automatically for delivery! Data will be delivered not one time, but on a regular basis.

What seller need from the Buyer to get started?

  1. Complete details of the project.
  2. Hiring procedure.
  3. Budget details


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