Chemical Engineering Freelance Jobs


Chemist for Synthesis of Viscoelastic Surfactants 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $2,000.00, Expiry - Dec 8, 2019, Proposals(8) - posted at one month ago
Looking for an organic chemist or a chemical engineer that can help us produce erucyl dimethyl amido propyl betaine or any other kind of viscoelastic surfactants that are used during acidizing of oil wells. Based on our current knowledge a surfactant from the Sulfobetaine family should do the work. We need a product similar more

Chemical Physicist - Project in Dissolved Oxygen Calculations and Computation. 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $32.00, Expiry - Nov 15, 2019, Proposals(0) - posted at 2 months ago
We need a chemical physicist or physicist who is well versed in calculation of gas concentration in fluids and/or air. We are implementing a standard calculation in C for a project. A scientific paper provides the background information. If you are not familiar with Henry, Dalton, Bunsen Coefficient and the math behind each of more

HAZOP scudual for demethanizer, waste 

Hourly - Est. Budget - $15.00, Expiry - Nov 1, 2019, Proposals(8) - posted at 2 months ago
HAZOP scudual, and writing about waste for natural gas treatment will provide more later

Vegan Frozen Food Products Formulation, Manufacturing, and Cost Per Unit 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $50.00, Expiry - Oct 30, 2019, Proposals(6) - posted at 2 months ago
Hi, we are Developing a New Food Brand for Vegans, there are a Total of 7 Products, all of which we have the Ingredients for, the Size of the Packaging, the Weight in the Package of the Food, but not the Measurements of each Ingredient,We have an Existing Ingredients List that we will be Replicating, but need the Exact Amounts more

Mold Flow Analysis Expert Opinion 

Fixed - Est. Budget - $150.00, Expiry - Oct 25, 2019, Proposals(1) - posted at 2 months ago
I need an expert in mold design that can analyze these 2 mold flow reports and explain which is better in terms of less warp plus give any opinions on gate placement. Looking for someone that can get on a 10-20 minute call and explain in laymen terms these reports.

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