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Carlos B.Email and chat support expert, Philippines
$4 /hr
3 Years Exp.
If you're looking for someone who can do multi tasking and work under pressure, while providing excellent customer service at the same time. You...Read More
Erika Dominique D.Customer Service Representative, Philippines
$10 /hr
6 Years Exp.
I am a Customer Service Representative for 6 months already. I have served a lot of customers even in just an ample of time. I have delivered superb c...Read More
Harsh C.Customer Delight Associate, India
$10 /hr
2 Years Exp.
I am an undergraduate. However, I am working in Customer support field for past 2 years. I am also a fast and sharp learner and easily work in too man...Read More
Vishal Chat Support Executive, India
$2 /hr
0 Years Exp.
I am doing my Graduation in Medicine and would like to work as chat support executive in my part time.
I am a certified chat support representative and content moderator. I also do digital marketing for online selling websites and managing wordpress bas...Read More
Mukesh K.it tools and management , India
$6 /hr
3 Years Exp.
I am an experienced person in IT tools and IT management (PHP, Wordpress, e-commerce, HTML, etc. )
Farah P.Customer Service Experienced , Philippines
$15 /hr
10 Years Exp.
I am a licensed teacher with a year and a half teaching experience. Plus more than 10 years of BPO Call center experience engage in different accounts...Read More
If you’re searching for someone who is self-motivated and has the skills and experience needed to get the job done right the first time, please do not...Read More
Shivashish D.Chat and Email support, India
$13 /hr
4 Years Exp.
I have worked as a chat and email support agent for big clients like Xiaomi and Yahoo!.
Jake Andrew L.IT Support, Philippines
$7 /hr
0 Years Exp.
An experienced and result-oriented IT professional. Eager to learn new trends to enhance skills and knowledge. With strong analytical skills in solvin...Read More
Franceska G.Data entry specialist, Philippines
$3 /hr
5 Years Exp.
I am a certified 3D artist.
Samuel D.Sales consultant, Nigeria
$10 /hr
3 Years Exp.
I am a sales consultant with 3 years working experience. I am also a marketer with proficiency with marketing apps like getaccess, active campaigns, a...Read More
Justine O.Chat support agent, Philippines
$6 /hr
2 Years Exp.
I am a seasoned sales assistant. I worked for a non-voice sales company for almost 2 years. Now, I want to try working from home. I worked for Media S...Read More
Fritz Andrew A.Customer Service Relations, Philippines
$4 /hr
2 Years Exp.
I want to pursue opportunities which will allow me to grow professionally, while effectively utilizing my versatile skill which is set to help promoti...Read More
Carolyn A.Customer services , Malaysia
$35 /hr
2 Years Exp.
I'm working in BPO company in Philippines before as customer services representative. I work 5 months only because I need to go here in Malaysia...Read More
Rhea Karra F.Chat and Email Support , Philippines
$3 /hr
5 Years Exp.
I am patient and handles stress properly. I'm a fast learner and can work efficiently without supervision. After graduating from college, I was...Read More
Ej L.Chat and email support, Philippines
$20 /hr
5 Years Exp.
I am a certified chat support with 2+ years experience. I am promoted after I obtained my past duties. I am a team player, a fast leaner and I am real...Read More
Andrew J.Operation Leader, India
$10 /hr
5 Years Exp.
I have been Working In BPO Industries for more than 5 years. Also Consulting Web Marketing and App Developing Companies as a Business Developer in bet...Read More
Lady S.Customer Service Representative , Philippines
$3 /hr
1 Years Exp.
I love everything that involves art. I love graphic designing, decorating and photo editing. I also love reading and writing English. In fact, I used...Read More
Janet customer support representative, India
$34 /hr
16 Years Exp.
I have overall 16 yrs of experience. Worked in different domains. Customer support, technical support, Ecommerce, Insurance
Charmaine Villardo admini assistant/ clerical, Paraguay
$8 /hr
5 Years Exp.
I have worked for 5 years as a secretary before being a mother of 3. Now, as a proud mother and a housewife im looking for a homebased job.. most prob...Read More
Vipul S.CS Engineer, India
$10 /hr
0 Years Exp.
I am a Computer Science graduate having knowledge of C,C++, Java , Web Development (HTML, CSS, BootStrap, Java Script, Jquery etc)
Peter I.T. and Customer Support Professional , Jamaica
$9 /hr
8 Years Exp.
Cisco Certified I.T. Technician with 7 years Customer and Technical Support experience. I am more than capable to complete tasks given to me in a prof...Read More
Gsixth 9.Data Entry/ Social Media Moderator, Philippines
$12 /hr
0 Years Exp.
Data processing and administrative functions Ensure accuracy and completeness of the job Conduct compliance checks on all documentation received from...Read More
Mhia Joy C.Chat Support & Email Support Specialist, Philippines
$10 /hr
0 Years Exp.
I am skilled in answering calls from customers and for some typing jobs I have goo communications skills acquired from my previous work experiences
Chester Chat Support & Email Support Specialist, Philippines
$10 /hr
2 Years Exp.
I am a graduate of Information Technology and have experienced working as an IT Specialist at my previous company. I have basic knowledge in Photosho...Read More
Alona D.Sales and Billing Support. Team Leader. , Philippines
$4 /hr
12 Years Exp.
I am a Team Leader for 10 years and handled numerous client projects and excels in Back Office tasks. I had been working in a BPO industry for 12 year...Read More
Nikhil B.Analyst, India
$14 /hr
7 Years Exp.
Experienced Analyst with a demonstrated history of working in the Market Research and 6+ years of experience WebChat industry. Skilled in Customer Rel...Read More
Mark J.Business Process Outsource, Philippines
$5 /hr
5 Years Exp.
My name is Mark Jenry Fantilaga. I am a Seasoned Customer Support for Technical and Billing/Sales specialist. I've been with the Business Process...Read More
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Skills related to Chat Support

Articles Related To Chat Support

Kind words are worth much and cost little. This creates opportunity: when you can’t out-spend the competition, the solution is to out-support them.


Here are 14 tips from the support documentation of world leaders in providing best customer service. I hope these will help you in improving your customer service.


  1. Practice sympathy, Patience, and Consistency: Some of your customers will be full of queries, some just chatty, and others plain mad. You must be ready to handle all of them and provide the same level of service every time.
  2. Good customer Service may be a Continuous Learning process: Every customer is unique and each support situation is totally different. In order to handle surprises, sense a customer’s mood, address new challenges consequently, you've got to be willing to stay learning. Strive to have a deep understanding of your customer’s challenges and still search for better ways to deal with them.
  3. Train customer service agent for understanding product detail: The training and development program must cover all aspects of how to deal with issues, talk to customers, and resolve problems.  Apart from that, your team should believe in and understand your product before they are sent out with the task of pacifying a customer. If your team does not know the product or the service well enough, then they will not have enough knowledge to tackle an issue.
  4. Solving a problem as soon as possible: When customers complain, your team must acknowledge the issue quickly and try to resolve it timely.
  5. Use technology to assist them: Customer support can only be performed accurately if we mix the technology with the humanistic approach.
  6. Add live chat to your website: Live chat can help your customer support team to interact with the customer in depth so that the customer can get resolved his queries easily.
  7. Use customer service templates: It’s important to keep your standards high and your response times low. Don’t waste keyboard strokes for every basic and common question. Build professional templates so you can respond to customer with ease and professionalism.
  8. Maintain a positive attitude: It is very important that your team keep a positive and bright attitude when managing your customers. If you maintain an accommodating and inviting attitude, then you will easily avoid conflicts.
  9. Apologize for any inconvenience: Whatever the issue, and whatever role your company played in the issue, you need to apologize to the customer. If the consumer’s credit card did not work, tell them you’re sorry for their inconvenience or that it happened.
  10. Listen to your customer: One of the simplest ways in which to serve your customer is by listening to them from the beginning. Most customers contact or reach bent on your support team to when they want to convey a message or a problem. Therefore, the first and most important thing you can do is to hear them out completely.
  11. Never say “I don’t know”: When your team represents your business, they need to speak as if the business itself is speaking. So, once an executive says “no”, Customer instantly diminishes the value of your business. “No” isn't an answer. If a customer is facing a difficulty, then your team should try and resolve it, one way or another.
  12. Admit your mistakes: If you mess up, admit it, even if you discover your mistakes before your customers do. Admitting you messed up builds trust and restores your customer’s confidence in your service. It also allows you to control the situation, re-focus the customer’s attention, and fix the problem.
  13. Follow up after a problem is solved: Follow up with your customers to ensure their issues were resolved properly and that they were satisfied with the service. Give them a call, send them an email etc.
  14. Always close conversations correctly: Every conversation you close with a customer should end with you saying “Is there anything else I can do for you today? I’m happy to help!”


Everyone should be feeling the customer’s pain points. When your whole company is encouraged to be involved in customer service, knowledge of problems, bugs, and features becomes illuminated for the entire team. There’s no faster way to make improvements that drive your business forward.

A virtual assistant (VA) is a professional who provides administrative and support gigs. These can range from invoicing clients on a regular basis to managing a one-time project. Thanks to the wonders of email, instant messaging, conference calls, and video chat, your virtual assistant works remotely—he or she could be on the other side of the country, or even in another country—which means you don’t have to worry about finding additional office space.


Working from home, on your set schedule, from your own comfort, and earn more is not always as glamorous as it might seem. Becoming a Virtual Assistant it requires time and patience, along with some smart work. 


Assuming that you are clear with the basics of Virtual Assistant profession and know about the resources to find a Virtual Assistant services, let’s move on to how you can be more effective working as a Virtual Assistant.


How to become an Efficient Virtual Assistant?

Being an top professional Virtual Assistant is not rocket science and could be mastered with a little effort and patience. Given the high competition for these jobs, you need to stand out from your competition to land higher paying services.


Which basic skills make me a top virtual assistant?

Before you go on your virtual assistant journey, It is mandatory to make sure that you possess all the basic skills required. An ideal and successful virtual assistant would be on par with the basic skill-set required.


So do you think you have a good hold on the basic skills? Let’s go through a few basic skills expected by each client. Develope these skills and get hired today:


Comfortable with using Windows / Mac.


More than 45 words per minute.


Know how to use Internet and emailing.


Know the basics of social media marketing.


Have a good time and resource management skills.


Have a good understanding of newsletter creation.




What should I do first to play experienced virtual assistant role?


Since 2007, virtual assistance has become a very in-demand field, and is seeing steady growth each year. With the numbers in mind, and the growing rate of business done online, it is no surprise that several virtual assistance companies have been born. These companies hire men and women from all across the world to work remotely and offer their clients the online support they need.


This is very good news for the brand new virtual assistant, because it means there are options for you to get a steady stream of work, steady paychecks, and professional support and training in the field. You can become a strong assistant very quickly, and then decide if you’d like to move up in the company or branch out on your own. Just be sure never to sign a non-compete agreement if you plan to eventually go it alone.


Learn about the basic ideas for the following term:

Customer Support

Processing Online Orders

Wordpress Maintainance

Keyword Research

Content Research

Email Management


Must have required tools for being a good virtual assistant

A right tool-set is a power in the hands of VA to build a legacy out of nothing. Make sure you have got nothing but the best tools before you jump in the market to play a solid role of virtual assistant.

A phone (cell or landline)

A good computer/laptop that works perfectly.

At least two up to date browsers.

A good email client.

Skype or other chat software.

A good speed Internet connection.

A perfect reminder device which tells or update you about your upcoming challenges.

These are just the basic tools required, and most of the people would mostly satisfy the criteria.


Can I work on fixed schedule as a Freelance Virtual Assistant

No matter you work locally or remotely, nothing is going to work for you if you neglect the importance of a fixed schedule. Although virtual assistant allows you flexibility from your home office, that doesn’t mean you wake up suddenly at the wake of the night and start working.


Make a habit of working during the same hours of the day, every day. You don’t need a 9-5 schedule, but a schedule is a must to get the most out of your work. Make a schedule as per the times when you are at your best with least distractions and day in day out, work during the same hours.


What strategy need to build?

If having a plan is good, having a plan B is a must. So, for every plan that you make, have an alternative plan ready to execute. Things might not always work out the way you planned them to, so having a backup plan will help you in the long run.

Build a strategy of how many hours you’re willing to work,

Where you’re going to work,

What about your taxes,

You should continue making a plan, and you will end up with more questions to be answered even before you accept your first service.


How to satisfy my customer’s as a virtual assistant?

Deliver more: When was the last time you over delivered and your customer couldn’t stop singing your songs? For customers to sing your song you need to provide that rare high-quality service. So it’s always good to deliver more, surprise your customers and keep them happy.


Don’t always do everything to earn more and at least sometimes do for the love of it. I love making people happy and go the extra mile to deliver more than anyone expects. Go out of your way to leave a legacy in whatever you do. Make people remember you for what you’ve done rather than as a man who’s always bugging about the next paycheck.


A customer service representative talk to customers on behalf of companies and businesses. They answer customer queries, resolve customer complaints, and address emergency issues. If a customer needs help placing an order or needs to change their order, the customer service representative walks them through the correct steps. Customer service representatives will also provide additional sales or products, or sell products or services directly.


What Customer Service Representatives do?

Customer service representatives typically do the following:


  • Listen to customer’s questions and concerns, and provide answers or responses
  • Provide information about products and services
  • Take orders, calculate charges, and process billing or payments
  • Review or make changes to customer accounts
  • Handle returns or complaints
  • Record details of customer contacts and actions taken
  • Refer customers to supervisors or more experienced employees

The specific duties of customer service representatives vary by industry. For example, representatives who work in banks may answer customer’s questions about their accounts. Representatives who work for utility and telecommunication companies may help customers with service problems, such as outages. Those who work in retail stores often handle returns, process refunds, and help customers locate items. Some representatives make changes to customers' accounts, such as updating addresses or canceling orders. Although selling is not their main job, some representatives may help generate sales while providing information about a product or service.


How to define your Customer service project?

Your job description is the 1st touch point between your company and your new hire. With millions of people looking for jobs on so every month, an excellent description will assist you attract the most qualified candidates to your open position. To urge you started, here are some tips for making an efficient description.


A great job description starts with a compelling summary of the position and its role within your company. Your summary should provide an overview of your company and expectations for the position. Outline the types of activities and responsibilities required for the job so job seekers can determine if they are qualified, or if the job is a good fit.


Basic of customer service project description are as follow:

  1. State a brief one to two sentence overview of the project objectives.
  2. State this in one sentence so the professional understands how the work fits into the bigger picture.
  3. Be specific with requirements, such as specific software knowledge, typing speed, and language fluency.
  4. Enter a start and end date. Most independent contractor projects are project based and/or short-term. If you’re unsure of the end date, or if the work may be ongoing, you may need to consult your HR partner or other advisor to verify the worker’s classification.
  5. Independent contractor work is often paid at a fixed price. When paying hourly, you may want to specify the maximum number of hours for the project if any.



We need an experience agent for a ten month project, expected to require 25 hours/week of services, from [start date] to [end date]. We’re launching a multimedia campaign that’s expected to dramatically spike call volume. You’ll work from your own location to handle product calls, take orders, and process payments.

Skill Requirements:

  • Knowledge of Zendesk and Salesforce software
  • Expertise in providing customer service via phone and live chat
  • Fluent in English and Spanish
  • Handle 10-15 calls per hour
  • Ability to upsell and cross-sell products on the phone
  • Basic knowledge of Microsoft Excel

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